Accelerate Growth with SADA and Google Cloud

SADA's SaaS Alliance Program


Accelerate Growth with SADA and Google Cloud

SADA's SaaS Alliance Program

Maximize the value of your Google Cloud Partnership

Scale your business faster with SADA’s SaaS Alliance Program. Designed to maximize the value of your partnership with Google Cloud, we’ll help you fully harness its power and assist you in amplifying your sales and marketing efforts.

SADA’s Alliance Account Managers are dedicated to the mutual success of our partnership. When you partner with SADA, you’ll gain access to a named Alliance Account Manager who will serve as your go-to resource for all things Alliance related, from joint business planning to execution.

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Learn more about how SADA’s SaaS Alliance Program can help you empower your technical teams, extend your market reach, and enrich your sales pipeline.

"It’s important to find partners that can support Quantum Metric’s accelerated growth, given the increasing importance of delivering digital products with greater impact, speed, and confidence. As such, we’ve made a 5-year commitment to Google Cloud through SADA, given their technical expertise and the strong relationship SADA has established with the Google Cloud team. Not only have we decided to become a SADA customer, but we’re also one of the first to be included in SADA’s SaaS Alliance Program, working together to identify new opportunities for our field teams through a dedicated Alliance Account Manager."

Mario Ciabarra, CEO, Quantum Metric

“SADA is one of the easiest partners that we have to work with. We see a common vision with SADA, which is to focus on innovations and customer satisfaction, which is why we’re in the SaaS Alliance Program. [...] SADA has a deep understanding of each piece of technology in the value chain out in the technology stack, and such a deep appreciation for the value that PacketFabric brings to cloud adoption. That makes it a no-brainer for us to partner and work with SADA.”

Jezzibell Gilmore, Co-founder and CCO, PacketFabric

“The SADAians are all excellent to work with so far. It’s been a great experience. I did a panel with Miles Ward and have nothing but great things to say for the culture at SADA and the way people interact with clients. [...] One of the reasons we work with SADA is because of their enhanced support. We have someone to talk to even before we raise a ticket to better understand issues. SADA has been able to pull in specialists for us from the Google Product Managers to help us better understand new roadmap features. There’s always knowledge and advice from them on architecture, and of course, the go-to-market activities are exciting as well.”

Justin Foster, CTO, Cysiv

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