Scale your startup faster with cloud technology



Scale your startup faster with cloud technology

SADA Startup Incubator is a 6-month program to get bootstrapped startups launched, and successfully scaling on Google Cloud. Primarily focused on startups that have yet to be backed by the Venture Capital community, SADA Startup Incubator provides emerging companies $10,000 in GCP usage credits, technical enablement offerings, and marketing exposure to support growth and innovation in the cloud.


“There is no better time to be launching a new venture than right now. The barrier of entry has come so far down, there are so many supports and tools to reduce the undifferentiated work to getting your vision to market. We respect the drive, passion, and appetite for risk that a bootstrapped startupper shows. We know how hard it is; SADA is a bootstrapped startup. We want to support the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs, and there’s no better platform to help them with that than SADA and Google Cloud.”

- Miles Ward | CTO at SADA

  • Startup Requirements

    • Bootstrapped! (we define this as have raised <$1m from any source) 
    • 2+ full-time employees (teamwork makes the dreamwork, sorry solopreneurs)
    • Founded within 3 years of applying to the program
    • Have a publicly available company website and a unique company email domain. Need to create a custom email account? Sign up for Google Workspace here
    • Has not raised "Series A" or >$1m of VC funding

    Give your startup the reliability and reassurance to run and grow.  Our dedicated experts assess, evaluate, and deliver recommendations on Google Cloud solutions, laying the foundation for transformation, reducing risk, and driving successful implementation. SADA Startup Incubator associates can expect: 

    • $10,000 in GCP usage credits 
    • Oversight from senior cloud architects, engineers, and operators
    • Technical Account Management (TAM) support to strategically plan your IT needs
    • Dedicated Customer Success Manager ensuring your lifelong success and enabling you to harness the full potential of Google Cloud Platform

    Accelerate your company’s growth by presenting at SADA’s Startup Partner Demo Showcase. This showcase is offered each fall at our SADA Impact Summit and will allow you to take the stage to introduce your service and product to SADA customers and partners. With prep sessions and consulting, we will help you make the connections to take your company to the next level.


    Your business will reach new heights with our dedicated marketing efforts and experienced mentorship. Our technical offerings expand your company’s reach even further to a wide-range audience across industries. 

    • Opportunity to be interviewed on a SADA sponsored podcast 
    • Connect with SADA C-Suite members for 1:1 mentorship sessions
    • Access to the SADA Startup Incubator network, where you can connect with other startups on their business journey
    • And much more…

    Once up and running on Google Cloud Platform, we will guide your technical team through cloud solution fundamentals through SADA’s very own training program. SADA Startup University provides you with a rounded, hybrid curriculum on cloud infrastructure and engineering and how to optimize your Google Cloud  for your startup. 

    A one-week SADA Startup U Cloud Foundation course will help level up  your technical team to understand and support your needs on Google Cloud. With access to office hours and on-demand materials, you’ll be armed with the best practices and technical knowledge you need to scale your startup and bring your product to market.



Leilani Alvarez

Program Manager, SADA Startup Incubator

As Program Manager of SADA Startup Incubator, Leilani manages operations, structure, and strategy that drives the company-wide initiatives that support startups joining GCP.


Miles Ward

Chief Technology Officer, SADA

As CTO at SADA, Miles leads SADA’s cloud strategy and solutions capabilities. His remit includes delivering next-generation solutions to challenges in big data and analytics, application migration, infrastructure automation, and cost optimization.


Scale your startup faster with SADA’S Startup Incubator Program, designed to help entrepreneurs harness the power of Google Cloud.

Want to learn more about what our program has to offer? Let’s talk.

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