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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Once upon a time, computers did exactly what you told them to. Nothing more, nothing less. 

That’s no longer the case. Generative AI marks a new era when computers are beginning to exhibit emergent behavior, producing text, images, and code that can’t be predicted from the point of input. This is exciting, a little scary, and opens up a new frontier of human endeavor the likes of which we’ve never seen. 

We’re elbows deep in generative AI here at SADA. And we’re eager to share what we’ve learned and help your business harness the power of generative AI and manage the transition to this new world of AI-driven possibility.

The three stages of understanding generative AI

1. Learn the basics of generative AI 

Like any disruptive technology that suddenly appears seemingly overnight and gets everyone talking, there’s an inherent learning curve to generative AI. If you’re still wrapping your mind around LLMs, hallucinations, fine-tuning, and prompt engineering, you are far from alone. Now’s the perfect time to get in touch with SADA’s generative AI team to schedule a consultation to orient you to the generative AI landscape. 

As you familiarize yourself with tools like Gemini, Vertex AI, ChatGPT, and myriad others, be on the lookout for use cases that are relevant to your industry and unique business. And while you consider how generative AI is poised to change your industry, look within your organization at the various departments and functions that keep the wheels turning. Chances are that your Marketing department can augment their content production process with generative AI, while your call center can use it to reduce time to resolutions. Whatever the case may be, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your unique business case. 

2. Implement generative AI for your business

Once you’re sold on the opportunities that generative AI represents, it’s time to look how best to integrate it into your workflows. SADA’s change management experts, cloud architects, solutions engineers, and myriad specialists will help you implement these powerful tools in a way that’s cost-effective, brings your teams on board with custom training, and provides ample support post-implementation as your business evolves.

One of the indisputable epicenters of the generative AI revolution is Google. As a leading Google Cloud partner, SADA has always been deep in the weeds of Google Workspace, the productivity and collaboration platform that’s loved and trusted by organizations across every industry. Over time, features like auto-complete have become indispensable to the way we work and manage our digital lives. It’s easy to forget that these Workspace-native features have always been based on AI. 

As more generative AI tools become available, Google Workspace provides the perfect framework into which they can be integrated. If your organization is already relying on Google Workspace, using the productivity and collaboration platform to manage your generative AI workflows makes so much sense. And if you’re looking to transform your business with Workspace, SADA’s enterprise transformation experts have refined the process to ensure minimum disruption to your business and the utmost care taken to secure your data, customers, and teams

3. Accelerate your unique generative AI product in the market

If you’ve already implemented generative AI for your business and are ready to level up, we’ve got some incredibly cool stuff we’d like to show you. SADA’s generative AI experts are well versed not only on what’s arrived–we’ve gotten mind-blowing previews of what’s to come. Get in touch if you’d like to start talking about how to use Google’s Vertex AI, Bard, and innovative third-party generative AI solutions to accelerate go-to-market and set your business trajectory skyward

If you could only hear the conversations we’re having at SADA about generative AI! Many of us at SADA came from various other corners of the tech industry, from e-commerce, social media, cloud security, Web3, and beyond. We’re now witnessing an evolutionary leap that can only be compared to the introduction of the smartphone and the desktop PC. 

Simon Margolis, SADA Associate CTO, AI/ML, is looking forward to seeing the ways generative AI empowers diverse teams. “We’re especially thrilled about the democratization of AI, meaning the ability for non-technical people to leverage sophisticated and powerful AI tooling,” says Margolis. “With tools like Generative AI Studio and Gen App Builder, we’re looking forward to seeing what novel solutions can be created by people with a diverse set of backgrounds.”
As generative AI continues to make jaws drop, we’re dedicated to finding the most impactful, secure, and ambitious uses for this new technology for our customers.

Contact us today, and let’s get started. Don’t be afraid to dream big.


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