Anthos Webinar Recap – See the Future of the Intercloud

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

As a Google Anthos partner, the SADA team recently hosted a webinar complete with an interactive demo of Google Anthos to showcase the key use cases and tips to optimize this application management platform. Anthos lets you build and manage modern hybrid applications on existing on-premises investments or in the public cloud. Built on open source technologies pioneered by Google—including Kubernetes, Istio, and Knative—Anthos enables consistency between on-premises and cloud environments. Anthos helps accelerate application development and strategically enable your business with transformational technologies like service mesh, containers, and microservices.

Presented by SADA CTO Miles Ward and SADA Solutions Architect Seth Moffitt, the webinar took a deep dive into Anthos’ underlying technology, showcasing what’s “under its hood.” Live viewers were invited to actively participate in a live demo to highlight how Google’s global load balancing system works and its benefits. 

Miles explained how Anthos makes cloud simple and consistent for developers and went over a variety of Anthos use cases. He discussed why Anthos is a particularly good solution for brick & mortar businesses and hardened, rugged environments (oil rigs, mines…maybe even the moon?!). In addition, he covered use cases that are not a good fit for Anthos (for one, it doesn’t make a good housewarming gift). Miles also gave an overview of SADA’s new flat-rate Anthos packages. If you’re eager to try out Anthos for 90 days, be sure to check out our Anthos First Step offer

Seth covered the various iterations of SADA’s Anthos boxes and delved into the specs for each. Our first iteration weighed in at a bulky 50 pounds and required its own plane seat for its maiden voyage to Seattle for Google Cloud Summit. To improve portability, SADA engineers started shrinking down the form factor. As a result, the third and most current iteration is nicknamed ‘Toaster Anthos’ due to its compact size.  

History of the Anthos boxes

Throughout the webinar, viewers answered a series of poll questions to gauge where companies stand in their infrastructure modernization journeys. The poll results were revealing:

Stats about what your real world data center looks like
Stats on who broke down their application microservices
Stats about why people are interesting in learning about Anthos


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