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Top 3 Ways Enterprises Can Leverage Google Anthos

Top 3 Ways Enterprises Can Leverage Google Anthos

May 16, 2019

Google Anthos transforms enterprise data environments by removing the complexity from managing hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures, driving efficiency and innovation, cutting costs, and enabling more robust cybersecurity and compliance. But,...

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What is Google Anthos? One Management Solution for a Hybrid Cloud & Multi-Cloud World

April 29, 2019

What is Google Anthos, and how does it play a role in achieving greater reliability and agility in today’s cloud ecosystem? Many companies are looking into hybrid/multi-cloud infrastructures to secure...


Google Cloud Makes it Easier to Run Apache Spark on Clusters Managed with Kubernetes

March 27, 2019

About 81% of enterprises employ a multi-cloud strategy, with the typical organization leveraging between four and five different clouds. Cloud neutrality and portability of apps is critical in a multi-cloud...


3 New Google Cloud Cybersecurity Solutions for Media & Entertainment Companies

March 19, 2019

The cyber threat environment is growing more dangerous as attacks increase in frequency, scale, and sophistication, and media and entertainment companies make very attractive targets for cybercrime. Their entire business...


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