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5 Trends Shaping Cloud Computing in 2020

5 Trends Shaping Cloud Computing in 2020

With 94% of enterprises now using the cloud1, it’s hard to believe that most companies have been wary of ditching data centers until recently. Cloud computing has fundamentally changed the […]

Top 3 Ways Enterprises Can Leverage Google Anthos

Top 3 Ways Enterprises Can Leverage Google Anthos

An endless number of use cases can be derived from the 3 primary ways in which enterprises can leverage the Google Anthos hybrid and multi-cloud platform.

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What is Google Anthos? One Management Solution for a Hybrid Cloud & Multi-Cloud World

Anthos, Google’s new software-based hybrid cloud and multi-cloud service, enables companies to run applications on-prem or in the public cloud of their choice.

Google Cloud Makes it Easier to Run Apache Spark on Clusters Managed with Kubernetes

Google Cloud Platform’s new Spark Operator, now in beta, makes it easy for users to manage their Spark applications natively from Kubernetes.

3 New Google Cloud Cybersecurity Solutions for Media & Entertainment Companies

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) allows entertainment and media companies to benefit from Google’s deep expertise and continuous research in cybersecurity.

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