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5 Ways to protect your web assets during covid-19

5 Ways to Protect Your Web Assets During COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc across the globe, cybercriminals are making matters worse by exploiting the crisis for their benefit. The US Department of Homeland Security, the […]

with google anthos my other cloud is whatever I want

With Google Anthos, My Other Cloud Is Whatever I Want

I remember the first few development projects I did in school. It was amazing when my code compiled and ran for the first time. Of course, there were logic errors, […]

Monitoring a Multi-Cloud Environment Using Stackdriver Workspaces

With now simplified consumption-based billing and Workspaces for managing workflows across clouds, Stackdriver is Google’s robust, easy-to-use platform for monitoring real-time health across workflows.

Step Into DevOps Automation: CI/CD in Google Cloud Platform

Are you shipping early and shipping often? Or does the concept of “release day” still imply last minute testing, tedious code review and one-off, inexplicable deployment errors? Thanks to massive […]

Set the Right Foundation for Your Startup Infrastructure

Although we’ve previously profiled high-level benefits of moving your startup to Google Cloud, there’s a longer checklist of critical infrastructure decisions for ensuring stability, security, and scale. In a rush to […]

The Rise of Heterogeneous Deployments: Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Solutions in GCP

Until recently, the idea of a multi-cloud architecture was more of a pipe dream than a viable option for your workloads. In theory, it sounds nice to spread risk across […]

Is It Finally Time to Switch to Microservices?

Several organizations have a migration to microservices planned as long term goal. But how will you know when it’s finally time to make the switch? You know it’s worth the […]

HIPAA Compliance in the Cloud – Why Healthcare Organizations Are Making the Move

Over the past decade, HIPAA compliance in the cloud and the mere mention of moving Protected Health Information (PHI) to the cloud would cause IT directors at healthcare organizations to break […]

A Model That Fits: Making Sure Your Company is Ready for Machine Learning

Recent buzz-worthy articles on machine learning and artificial intelligence have piqued a mainstream interest in machine learning. NASA is finding new planets using Google’s AI, Apple (and competitors) are locked […]

Google App Engine vs. Google Compute Engine for Deploying Your App

You’ve written your app and you’re ready to deploy. Now, it’s time to open up Google Cloud and compare your options for hosting and running the app. Some prudent feature […]

Google Cloud Platform for Your Fast-Paced Startup

Google Cloud Platform knows a thing or two about startups. And if you’ve worked in a startup, then chances are you know what it’s like to wear many hats. (And […]

Cloud Security Best Practices within Google Cloud Platform

While GCP is feature-rich and offers an array of functionality, much of what makes it such a compelling cloud solution its cloud security best practices. Application and data integration, collaboration […]

Cloud Security – Innovation Gives GCP Users a More Secure Foundation

The cloud clearly provides enterprises with major advantages around IT infrastructure, user collaboration, technology innovation, and organizational efficiency. Especially with a solution like Google Cloud Platform (GCP), organizations are able […]

Making Your Cloud Safe: Google Cloud Platform and the Secure Enterprise

Because the cloud operates according to a different paradigm than traditional platforms, it is important to have an understanding of how security is handled and why security in the cloud […]

Google Translation API: Reaching the Global Audience for Media & Entertainment

Google continues to find ways for people to discover and consume information. It’s now making a full-fledged effort to provide media and entertainment companies with translation and customization tools that […]

What’s Next for Google Cloud?

When Google does anything, they do it big. In the days leading up to their recent Google Cloud Next conference, the company made 100 announcements about application functionality, new partnerships, […]

The Cloud Wars: GCP vs. AWS

GCP vs. AWS – the decision comes down to cost, innovation and a lot of analysis.

The CIO’s New Journey: Fully Embracing the Cloud

It’s no secret that cloud computing is radically changing how enterprises manage their technology investments and use data and applications to grow their businesses. While long a source of curiosity […]

Business Continuity via Google Cloud Platform and a Trusted Partner

Business Insider recently published an article which outlined a customer’s negative experience with Google Cloud Platform (GCP). In short, the customer left some security vulnerabilities open in their server which […]

Google Cloud Platform Improves Database Workloads

As Google Cloud Platform (GCP) continues its quest for dominance as a public cloud, it recently announced a move to make all of its database storage products generally available and […]

How to Load Test with Google Container Engine

Development testing workloads have long been a marquee process for cloud computing.  The very nature of DevTest, with short bursts of compute-intensive workloads followed by long periods of idle, lends […]

Google vs. AWS Cloud Comparison: Strengths, Key Workloads, Costs and More

Firms today are no longer asking if they should embrace the cloud, but instead, they’re asking how. The early concerns arising circa 2010 regarding security, reliability and privacy of hosted data have been […]

Cloud Pricing Comparison 2016: Google Cloud Platform vs. AWS

No two cloud platforms are the same, and that could not be more true when it comes to comparing pricing models. Cloud pricing has long been a challenge for IT […]

Dev/Test Best Practices – The Cloud Paradigm

Organizations are in constant need of sandboxes for developing the next great thing. I wrote a blog back in 2013 about how the ease of access and low costs available […]

SADA Announces New Offering: Stackdriver Consultation and Deployment

  Today’s guest blogger is Simon Margolis, Cloud Platform Lead at SADA Systems Last May Google welcomed Stackdriver to the Google family — a powerful service solution providing full-stack, cloud-native monitoring for […]

Cybersecurity 2015: Protect Your Business

  Today’s guest blogger is Simon Margolis, Cloud Platform Lead at SADA Systems In 2014, over 50 million records were stolen from private businesses. Many top brands fell victim to […]

Google Cloud Platform Takes a Giant Leap Forward; SADA Systems Becomes Official Reseller

  Today’s guest blogger is Simon Margolis, Senior Cloud Platform Engineer at SADA Systems SADA Systems is honored to announce that we are now an officially certified Google Cloud Platform […]

Mitigate Data Storage Concerns with Google Cloud Platform

Today’s guest blogger is Simon Margolis, Senior Cloud Platform Engineer at SADA Systems.  A major problem faced by almost all businesses is that of data security and reliability. Firms spend […]

Architecting Cross Cloud Soultions in Google Cloud Platform

Today’s guest blogger is Simon Margolis, Senior Solutions Engineer at SADA. Simon works to design business solutions, focusing on the Google ecosystem. As SADA helps it’s customers find new ways […]

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