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6 Ways to Combat Public Health Emergencies With Google Cloud’s Smart Analytics Tools

The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the impact of data on infectious disease research and public health emergency response. Today, warehousing raw data is a common practice; however, the real value […]

3 Digital Native Brands Using Google Cloud Platform to Innovate & Grow

3 Digital Native Brands Using Google Cloud Platform to Innovate & Grow

The phrase “Digital Native” was coined in 2001 to describe people who were immersed in computers and technology from an early age; in other words, people who were born into […]

Big Data on GCP Hands On Inroductory BigQuery Lab

Big Data on GCP: Hands-On Introductory BigQuery Lab

Data always plays a critical role in the ability to research, study, and combat public health emergencies, and nowhere is this more true than in the case of a global […]

Anthos Under the Hood: The technologies That Will Transform Enterprise Applications

Anthos Under the Hood: The Technologies That Will Transform Enterprise Applications

Let’s face it, even in the best of cases, enterprise applications can be complex and expensive to maintain. To address these challenges, Google Cloud developed Anthos so you can modernize […]

Deploy G Suite Essentials Enterprise in Just 5 Days - FREE

Deploy G Suite Essentials Enterprise in Just 5 Days – FREE

How — and where — people work has changed. Being a part of a distributed team is the new normal for today’s workforce. Modern teams need easy-to-adopt tools that empower […]

5 Ways to Transform Your Big Data Into Big Insights

5 Ways to Transform Your Big Data Into Big Insights

Deriving actionable business intelligence from millions or billions of data assets can be an onerous task, particularly since about 80% to 90% of organizational data is unstructured1. Without the right […]

G Suite vs Microsoft 365 in 2020: The Ultimate Guide

G Suite vs. Microsoft 365 in 2020: The Ultimate Guide

For a long time, office productivity software solutions were limited to desktop applications that were accessible only from a single machine. Now that mobility and cloud computing have dramatically altered […]

G Suite Essentials: 5 things your business needs to know

G Suite Essentials: 5 Things Your Business Needs to Know

COVID-19 created an overwhelming need for secure, reliable video calling and conferencing, and in response, Google recently made Meet free for everyone who has a Google account. While the free […]

Deploying Anthos on AWS: Video

Video: Anthos in Production: Real-World Deployments – Moonshot Edition Featuring Miles Ward

If you’re interested in learning more about Anthos, Google Cloud’s hybrid and multi-cloud platform, now generally available on AWS, you won’t want to miss SADA’s humorous how-to take on this […]

SADA & Google Cloud Help Tamr Enable Modern Data Engineering Within the Enterprise

SADA & Google Cloud Help Tamr Enable Modern Data Engineering Within the Enterprise

Client Tamr helps enterprise companies solve large data unification challenges by breaking down multiple data silos and unifying data into pipelines through automation. Tamr was founded in 2013 and is […]

6 Ways Retailers can use google maps platform to thrive during the pandemic

6 Ways Retailers Can Use Google Maps Platform to Survive & Thrive During a Pandemic & Beyond

The COVID-19 pandemic forced tens of thousands of retailers across the U.S. to either temporarily close or dramatically alter their business models. Now, many state governments are starting to ease […]

6 Reasons Why You Should Use Anthos with AWS

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Anthos With AWS

In the race to deliver the best customer experiences, companies must build and modernize applications faster and more efficiently than ever before. Enterprises need consistent ways to develop, secure, and […]

7 Reasons Google Meet is Superior to Zoom

Google Meet vs. Zoom: 7 Reasons Why Google Meet Is Superior

The current global economic situation has impacted organizations across the globe and prompted a dramatic increase in the number of employees working remotely. With this change, the importance of cloud-based, […]

Google Contact Center AI for customer concerns around COVID-19

SADA Launches Google Cloud Contact Center AI for the COVID-19 Crisis

SADA is pleased to announce that we are teaming up with Google Cloud to help businesses implement Contact Center AI (CCAI) to respond rapidly to customer concerns surrounding COVID-19. Rapid […]

Google Meet Video Meetings for Everyone, Everywhere - FREE

Google Meet with Advanced Features Now Available to Businesses—FREE!

Google Meet with advanced features is now available to every organization—free until September 30th. The enterprise-grade video conferencing platform enables you to have video meetings with anyone, anywhere in the […]

5 Reasons for Life Sciences Organizations to Retire Legacy ECM Platforms

5 Reasons for Life Sciences Organizations to Retire Legacy ECM Platforms

Despite being a high-tech industry that produces cutting-edge innovations, life sciences has historically been paper-based. Additionally, the industry has always been highly regulated; life sciences companies are mandated to ensure […]

Google Cloud Platform vs. Microsoft Azure 2020 Comparison eBook

Google Cloud Platform vs. Microsoft Azure: 2020 Comparison

Only a few years ago, enterprises were reluctant to migrate to the cloud. Now, cloud is a mainstream technology, multicloud is the wave of the future, and hybrid environments are […]

6 Reasons for Government Agencies to Switch to G Suite

6 Reasons for Government Agencies to Switch to G Suite

From small towns to states to large federal agencies, government organizations are migrating to G Suite to modernize their operations, ensure data security, and provide better service to their constituents. […]

The ROI of Anthos: New Forrester Report

The ROI of Google Anthos: Forrester Research Report

In the race to deliver the best customer experiences, companies must build and modernize applications faster and more efficiently than ever before. Enterprises need consistent ways to develop, secure, and […]

with google anthos my other cloud is whatever I want

With Google Anthos, My Other Cloud Is Whatever I Want

I remember the first few development projects I did in school. It was amazing when my code compiled and ran for the first time. Of course, there were logic errors, […]

Save time and trees with G Suite Part 2 Featured Image

18 Ways to Save Time & Trees With G Suite

In a previous blog, we shared 14 ways to get organized, save time, and benefit the environment with G Suite. Now, we’re back with 18 more ways that G Suite […]

GCP vs AWS 2020 Comparison

GCP vs. AWS: 2020 Comparison

Only a few years ago, enterprises were reluctant to migrate to the cloud. Now, cloud is a mainstream technology, multicloud is the wave of the future, and hybrid environments are […]

GCP vs AWS Infographic Post Featured Image

Infographic: GCP vs. AWS 2020 Comparison

When it comes to cloud migration and selecting a public cloud provider, you’ll surely compare Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to Amazon Web Services (AWS). We spoke to dozens of customers […]

7 Tips to kill germs, not productivity

Chromebooks: 7 Tips to Kill Germs….Not Productivity

According to research reported by Google, 76% of employees consider a laptop to be a critical device and would not be able to perform their job without it. Having Google […]

5 Reasons Government Agencies to Modernize with BigQuery

5 Reasons for Government Agencies to Modernize their Data Warehouses With BigQuery

As entire industries rapidly digitalize, citizens are increasingly demanding that public-sector agencies provide the same response, access, and ease of use they’ve come to expect from private-sector businesses. This is […]

Save time and trees with g suite

14 Ways to Save Time & Trees With G Suite

Want to get organized, save time, and benefit the environment? Let’s take a look at some of the many ways in which G Suite can replace clunky “old-school” tools and […]

5 Reasons to Migrate to Containers with Migrate for Anthos

5 Reasons to Migrate to Containers With Migrate for Anthos

Lifting and shifting virtual machines into Google Compute Engine (GCE) offers many benefits, including enhanced agility, significantly reduced overhead compared to a data center, and a familiar usage and management […]

Making Hybrid and Multi Cloud Work for Government

Making Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Work for Government – Webinar Recap

Government and public sector agencies are facing a variety of unique technological challenges when it comes to modernizing to meet tomorrow’s demands. It has become clear that hybrid and multi-cloud […]

Sada Develops Google Cloud Search Connectors

SADA Develops Google Cloud Search Connectors for GitHub, Salesforce, Jira & More

Google Cloud Search (GCS) exists to bring every aspect of the convenience, scale, and speed of to businesses. It transforms the way enterprises search for information by giving users […]

3 Reasons to Use Google Cloud For Media & Entertainment Workloads

3 Reasons to Use Google Cloud For Your Media & Entertainment Workloads

When it comes to meeting the needs of the media & entertainment industry, Google Cloud Platform stands out from its competitors in 3 major areas.

5 G Suite Accessibility Features for Diversity & Inclusion

5 G Suite Accessibility Features for Diversity & Inclusion

To ensure diversity & inclusion, G Suite has many built-in accessibility features. Here are 5 accessibility features to enhance productivity & collaboration for all.

5 Reasons Game Devs should Use GCP

5 Reasons Game Developers Should Use Google Cloud Platform

Many of the world’s top AAA and mobile multiplayer games run on Google Cloud Platform. Here are five reasons why game developers should use GCP.

Google Cloud Search versus Apache Solr Blog Image

Google Cloud Search vs. Apache Solr

Trying to decide between Google Cloud Search (GCS) and Apache Solr? Here are 6 reasons why GCS is the superior enterprise search engine.

CDOT Streamlines Inspections with SADA-Built GCP App

Colorado DOT Streamlines Retaining & Noise Wall Inspections with SADA-Built GCP App

SADA helps the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) streamline retaining & noise wall inspections with SADA-built Google Cloud Platform (GCP) app.

Recap of Anthos Webinar

Anthos Webinar Recap – See the Future of the Intercloud

Anthos Webinar Recap – See the Future of the Intercloud
Presented by Miles Ward, SADA CTO.

FoodJets Drives Innovation with Google Cloud and SADA

FoodJets Drives Innovation With Google Cloud & SADA

Startup food delivery platform FoodJets migrates from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to enable flexibility and innovation.

Why You Should Use Google's Cloud Spanner for Your Next Game

Why You Should Use Google’s Cloud Spanner for Your Next Game

Leading game companies are leveraging Google’s Cloud Spanner database service for high-performance, transactional consistency, and operational ease.

5 Big Challenges for Retailers and how G Suite Can Resolve Them

5 Big Challenges for Retailers, and How G Suite Can Solve Them

From delivering personalized customer experiences to breaking down marketing silos, G Suite can help retailers grapple with their biggest challenges.

SADA Helps Fun-Gi Fine Tune GCP

SADA Helps FUN-GI Fine-Tune GCP & Google App Engine

SADA helps FUN-GI, a game studio known for its flagship title House Flip, optimize their Google Cloud Platform deployment and set up Google App Engine.

5 Reasons to Use Kubernetes for Container Management

5 Reasons to Use Kubernetes for Container Management

ive of the biggest reasons why Kubernetes has become the de facto standard for container management and orchestration.

SADA Helps DroneDeploy Take Flight with Google Cloud

SADA Helps DroneDeploy Take Flight with Google Cloud

SADA helps DroneDeploy, a drone software platform developer, shift to a cloud-based, managed Kubernetes solution to drive and grow business.

5 Tips for Migration to GCP

5 Tips for Migrating Your VMs to Google Cloud Platform

Tips to simplify and speed up the process of migrating VMs to Google Cloud Platform while avoiding compatibility and cost issues.

Sada Flat Rate services google ignite

SADA Launches “Flat-Rate” Services for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Customers

SADA’s four new packaged offerings at a flat rate are designed to help customers migrate to GCP faster and better, and with greater cost certainty.

Live Demo for Anthos

Live Demo: Google Anthos

Join Miles Ward, SADA’s CTO, for an exciting session showcasing the Anthos server in action. Explore Anthos’ capabilities and get some helpful insider tips.

Top 7 Reasons to Use LumApps with G Suite

Top 7 Reasons to Use LumApps with G Suite

Organizations that do not undergo successful, sustainable digital transformations will eventually lose their relevance and be unable to compete in today’s hyper-connected marketplace. Yet according to McKinsey & Company, fewer […]

Take G Suite to the next level Webinar

Take G Suite to the Next Level & Unlock Enterprise Innovation

Join SADA on 9/12 for a webinar on G Suite Enterprise’s advanced security features, end-user productivity tools, and best practices for transformation.

gcp cheaper aws featured

GCP Is Cheaper Than Your Data Center: What the Transitive Property Can Teach Us About Cloud Computing

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is cheaper than both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and on-prem.

9 Steps for Migration Databases to Cloud

9 Steps for Migrating Databases to the Cloud

Moving databases can be the trickiest part of a cloud migration. This checklist will take some of the pain out of moving your databases to the cloud.

The 4 Quadrants of digital transformation

The 4 Quadrants of Digital Transformation

The 4 quadrants of digital transformation help organizations define small projects that act as stepping stones to the ultimate goal of maximizing G Suite ROI.

FlowPlay case study featured image

SADA’s TAM Services Help FlowPlay Get ROI on Google Cloud Platform

The online gaming industry is growing rapidly. According to NewZoo, global gaming spend reached nearly $135 billion in 2018, yet many game developers struggle to turn a profit.

GCS Productivity red

5 Ways That Google Cloud Search Bolsters Productivity

5 ways Google Cloud Search boosts productivity by bringing the power of to enterprise search.

5 Ways G Suite Helps Companies Attract Top Young Talent

5 Ways G Suite Helps Companies Attract Top Young Talent

5 ways Google G Suite helps companies attract top talent, and highly skilled Millennial and Gen Z jobseekers.

Top 5 Ways Anthos differs from AWS and Azure

Top 5 Ways Google Anthos Is Different From AWS and Azure

5 ways in which the Google Anthos hybrid and multi-cloud management solution is different from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

How Google Maps Platform Is Paving the Way to Better Healthcare

Google Cloud solutions like the Google Maps Platform have an unparalleled potential to improve healthcare outcomes. Here are some recent inspiring examples.

Google’s BigQuery ML Updates Make it Easier for Businesses to Take Advantage of Machine Learning

Google Cloud Platform further democratizes machine learning with major updates to its BigQuery ML suite of SQL extensions.

June 2nd Google Cloud Outage: Here’s What You Need to Know

The SADA team would like to provide an update on a vast Google outage that affected several GCP and G Suite services on the afternoon of June 2nd.

Top 2 Reasons Why Modern Manufacturers are Leveraging Google G Suite to Drive Competitive Advantage

Google G Suite enables collaboration for manufacturers and helps build a competitive advantage through innovation and more rapid product development cycles.

SADA Helps State of Arizona Boost Productivity and Save Millions with Google G Suite

SADA helped migrate 36,000 State of Arizona employees to G Suite, improving productivity and security and saving the state millions of dollars.

Top 3 Ways Enterprises Can Leverage Google Anthos

Top 3 Ways Enterprises Can Leverage Google Anthos

An endless number of use cases can be derived from the 3 primary ways in which enterprises can leverage the Google Anthos hybrid and multi-cloud platform.

Image for The Hovig Safoian Scholarship

SADA Announces the Hovig Safoian Scholarship in Computer Science

This is a very exciting day for SADA and the Safoian family. It is with tremendous humility and pride that we are announcing the Hovig Safoian Computer Science Scholarship at California State University, Northridge (CSUN).

Google G Suite Makes it Easy for Companies to Embrace the Consumerization of IT

The consumerization of IT is changing the way businesses work, and companies that are turning to G Suite are at the forefront of this revolution.

What is Google Anthos Featured Image

What is Google Anthos? One Management Solution for a Hybrid Cloud & Multi-Cloud World

Anthos, Google’s new software-based hybrid cloud and multi-cloud service, enables companies to run applications on-prem or in the public cloud of their choice.

City of Chicago Launches ChiStreetWork – SADA’s dotMaps App for General Public

CDOT launches ChiStreetWork. Built by SADA, a Google Cloud Premier Partner, the Google Maps-based app makes info from dotMaps available to the general public.

One Search to Rule Them All — Why Google Cloud Search?: Google Cloud Next ‘19 Session Recap

See Google Cloud Search in action, and learn how SADA successfully resolved one company’s quest to find “one search to rule them all for enterprise content.”

Continuous Integration and Delivery Into Kubernetes: Google Next ’19 Session Recap

Continuous integration implementation can be difficult. Learn how to implement a CI/CD pipeline with Google Cloud Platform solutions, including Kubernetes.

Why Media & Entertainment Companies are Going G Suite: Google Next ’19 Session Recap

Google Cloud solutions like the Google Maps Platform have an unparalleled potential to improve healthcare outcomes. Here are some recent inspiring examples.

Image for Google Cloud Next 2019: A Recap

Google Cloud Next 2019: A Recap of Major Milestones and Announcements

SADA, a Google Cloud Premier Partner, is honored to receive the 2018 Google Cloud Global Partner of the Year award.

Bringing the Power of Google Search to Every Business: Google Cloud Next ‘19 Session Recap

At Next ‘19, SADA, 2018 Google Cloud Global Partner of the Year, discussed how it’s transforming businesses with custom Google Cloud Search solutions.

SADA to Highlight Google Cloud Innovation at Google Cloud Next ‘19

At Google Cloud Next ‘19, SADA will showcase a solution built on Google Cloud Platform for US Racetronics and lead multiple tech sessions and business panels.

The ROI of G Suite: 2019 Forrester Research Report

Forrester evaluated the business value and ROI of Google G Suite. The results are eye-opening for organizations seeking transformative cloud solutions.

Google Cloud Makes it Easier to Run Apache Spark on Clusters Managed with Kubernetes

Google Cloud Platform’s new Spark Operator, now in beta, makes it easy for users to manage their Spark applications natively from Kubernetes.

Google Cloud Platform vs AWS: Why GCP is the Better Option in 2019

GCP is superior to AWS due to the depth of Google’s engineering expertise, particularly in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

3 New Google Cloud Cybersecurity Solutions for Media & Entertainment Companies

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) allows entertainment and media companies to benefit from Google’s deep expertise and continuous research in cybersecurity.

5 Ways G Suite is Bringing AI to Office Professionals

Google’s G Suite enables office professionals to harness the power of AI. Here are five of the most recent AI-driven enhancements to G Suite.

Better Search, Better Data, Better Results: Google Cloud Search and SADA Deliver Effective Enterprise Search

SADA’s Google Cloud Search solution enables businesses to derive value from data by implementing the power of Google Search within their organization.

An Introduction to ML for Healthcare Organizations on Google Cloud

A healthcare organization’s business goals decide which ML techniques and algorithms should be used for a given problem. With Google Cloud’s ML Engine and a plethora of open source libraries, your path to actionable ML insights may be shorter than you think.

How the Cloud Helps Companies Survive Natural Disasters

What to know when moving your data warehouse to the cloud. This Transforming Data with Intelligence report, sponsored by Google Cloud, examines the rise of cloud-based data warehouses, including associated opportunities, benefits and best practices.

Google News: New pricing for G Suite Basic and Business Editions

Google aligns its 2019 Cloud Healthcare development efforts to industry trends such as interoperability, AI, security and telemedicine.

2019 Brings a Renewed Google Cloud Commitment to Healthcare Data Security, Interoperability and AI-Powered Insights

Google aligns its 2019 Cloud Healthcare development efforts to industry trends such as interoperability, AI, security and telemedicine.

Going All In On Serverless Computing with Google Cloud

Following Google Cloud Functions’ 2018 release to general availability, abstraction tools like Istio and Knative have made serverless workloads more viable for the enterprise.

Image for Cloud Speech-to-Text API

Faster Transcriptions, Lower Costs and Increased Accuracy Using Google Cloud Speech-to-Text API

With recent gains in accuracy and affordable costs, Google Cloud Speech-to-Text could be your new key for Automated Speech Recognition.

Monitoring a Multi-Cloud Environment Using Stackdriver Workspaces

With now simplified consumption-based billing and Workspaces for managing workflows across clouds, Stackdriver is Google’s robust, easy-to-use platform for monitoring real-time health across workflows.

Moving to a cloud-based data warehouse? Here’s what you need to know.

What to know when moving your data warehouse to the cloud. This Transforming Data with Intelligence report, sponsored by Google Cloud, examines the rise of cloud-based data warehouses, including associated opportunities, benefits and best practices.

3 Ways Google Vault is Transforming Healthcare Compliance in the Cloud

Google Vault is a storage and archiving application. Check out 3 ways that it helps healthcare organizations maintain HIPAA compliance amid changing requirements and regulations.

Google’s Genomics API Sees Mainstream Acceptance and ML Upgrades in 2018

In the past year, the Genomics API went from a handy tool for researchers to a production-ready genome analysis powerhouse for large organizations. AI, cost savings, and ease-of-use continue driving adoption.

Top 5 Ways Google’s G Suite Tools Help Higher Education Teams Boost Student Success

Now with speech transcription, the Google Cloud Video Intelligence API uses ML to detect objects, filter explicit content and identify shot changes, allowing companies to analyze video data as they would their text data.

Single Sign-On with Okta for the Enterprise

With change comes orginazational stress. For enterprises embarking on digital transformation, it’s essential to use tools available in Google Cloud to mitigate the stress of change on its employees

Optimize Video Content With Google Cloud Video Intelligence API

Now with speech transcription, the Google Cloud Video Intelligence API uses ML to detect objects, filter explicit content and identify shot changes, allowing companies to analyze video data as they would their text data.

Google Updates in the Healthcare Cloud

Google’s healthcare cloud supports HIPAA compliance with industry-leading security to help lower healthcare IT costs while increasing patient data storage, improving research capabilities, and ensuring sensitive care center data is kept secure.

Have You Registered to Vote? Find Your Polling Place with New App

SADA Systems had developed an easy to use application, My Polling Place, for registered voters to quickly find their polling station.

TrueCar Goes Google With SADA Systems…In 6 Weeks!

Due to Slaten’s previous experience in deploying G Suite elsewhere, he was confident that Google’s cloud collaboration suite was a great fit for TrueCar’s present and future productivity needs.

G Suite Review: New Releases & Updates

Google G Suite review of new releases and updates, many in the realm of security and communication. Learn about new features and which business enterprise applications you should be utilizing for your company.

The Big Cost Picture of Switching to a Hybrid Cloud on GCP

Google recently announced Cloud Services, a suite of tools supporting Hybrid Cloud implementation. For enterprises looking for cost savings, speed to market, and flexibility leveraging, a public hybrid cloud strategy can be a compelling long-term strategy.

The Environmental Stress of Digital Change

With change comes orginazational stress. For enterprises embarking on digital transformation, it’s essential to use tools available in Google Cloud to mitigate the stress of change on its employees

The Cloud Platform for Startups: A fast track to proving your business

How do you get your business up and running, fast? Most startups don’t have extra cash to spend big on IT infrastructure.

How Google Cloud Platform puts your healthcare organization in control

Faced with growing data management and privacy concerns, healthcare organizations are understandably reticent about moving their applications and patient data to the cloud.

5 Ways G Suite for Media and Entertainment is Transforming Operations

The media and entertainment industry can be up against everything from M&A to data privacy and audience engagement challenges. Check out how G Suite is helping companies leverage cloud-based communication tools to boost productivity and collaboration.

4 Ways the New G Suite Updates Drive Employee Productivity

How can organizations fully unlock the power of G Suite? Check out how four new updates can boost collaboration, workflow efficiency, and productivity.

The Paperless Future of Healthcare

3 Ways G Suite for Healthcare Drives Collaboration & Reduces IT Costs by SADA Systems, a Google Cloud Premier Partner. Discover why healthcare providers are implementing G Suite.

Firebase: A Mobile Developer’s Bridge to Google Cloud Platform

3 Ways G Suite for Healthcare Drives Collaboration & Reduces IT Costs by SADA Systems, a Google Cloud Premier Partner. Discover why healthcare providers are implementing G Suite.

3 Ways G Suite for Healthcare Drives Collaboration & Reduces IT Costs

3 Ways G Suite for Healthcare Drives Collaboration & Reduces IT Costs by SADA Systems, a Google Cloud Premier Partner. Discover why healthcare providers are implementing G Suite.

Google Cloud Next 2018: A Recap of Major Milestones and Announcements

Google Cloud Next 2018 Recap of major milestones and announcements for G Suite, Google Cloud Platform, Maps Platform, Enterprise Search and more! SADA Systems is a Google Cloud Premier Partner.

Google Cloud Next ‘18: New Advantages of Cloud Computing through Accessible AI, Microservices and Hybrid Cloud

Machine Learning and AI stole the show across three days of service rollouts at Google Cloud Next 2018 in San Francisco. Google also announced significant updates to microservice management through Istio, hybrid cloud deployments in GKE.

G Suite Updates from Next ’18: Focus on AI, Voice and Enterprise Search

G Suite Updates announced at Google Cloud Next ‘18 include injections of AI technology, release of Google Voice Enterprise and new tools for better collaboration.

How G Suite Fosters Innovation and Productivity at Tech Companies

Innovation and productivity are at the core of the tech industry. See how G Suite facilitates a culture of innovation, collaboration, and productivity.

Look Out: GCP's Data Studio is Officially an Enterprise BI and Analytics Visualization Contender

Over the years, we’ve worked with clients that use a wide variety of BI and Analytics tools to communicate data downstream and across departments. All too common are issues with […]

3 G Suite Tools That Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Between travel costs and the ink/toner needed for printers, businesses leave quite the carbon footprint. And with that environmental impact come tangible costs that chip away at the bottom line. […]

Statefulness, Statelessness and Everywhere Between on Google Kubernetes Engine

New rollouts in Google Kubernetes Engine now provide foundational support of stateless, stateful, and mixed applications. Read on to find out more.

The Domino’s Effect: If You Sell Anything, You Should Have a Cloud Strategy

Imagine being presented with this idea by a Fortune 500 CEO in 2012: “Every company is a technology company.” Would you have felt it applied to your business? Six years on, […]

How the Latest G Suite Updates Boost Productivity and Collaboration

Google just released several innovative new G Suite updates. Here is a quick summary on some of the highlights!

Easy Online Signing with DocuSign and Google

While G Suite helps organizations communicate and collaborate more easily, Google understands there are also third-party apps that users rely on to manage other aspects of business, including sales, marketing […]

The Top 3 Ways G Suite Empowers Deskless Workers

“Deskless workers” are 80% of the workforce and they come in many forms: freelancers, remote staff, and even those whose roles don’t require a desk. Many of these are IT […]

Step Into DevOps Automation: CI/CD in Google Cloud Platform

Are you shipping early and shipping often? Or does the concept of “release day” still imply last minute testing, tedious code review and one-off, inexplicable deployment errors? Thanks to massive […]

4 Ways G Suite Increases Workplace Productivity

A Forbes study found that employees lose a tremendous amount of time working on tasks that are necessary for their role but don’t really strengthen their company’s competitive edge. So […]

Set the Right Foundation for Your Startup Infrastructure

Although we’ve previously profiled high-level benefits of moving your startup to Google Cloud, there’s a longer checklist of critical infrastructure decisions for ensuring stability, security, and scale. In a rush to […]

New Gmail Updates Make Your Business More Secure and Smarter

With security and employee efficiency both top-of-mind concerns for companies, Google has just announced new releases and updates to G Suite. Keeping customers up-to-date on new changes, and how users […]

Okta for Your Identity and Access Management

In today’s identity and access management climate, IT departments are facing growing demands managing thousands of users, both internal and external, who each need access to an increasing number of cloud-based […]

How to Manage Change When Adopting New Technology in Healthcare

Many Healthcare organizations want to transition to a next-gen collaboration platform, but experience change management challenges. The pain points hit hard: Administrators are unsure where to begin Aging workers are set […]

GCP for Retailers: Use Consumer Data Analytics for Predictive Purchase Insights

In an era of cloud and digital commerce, retailers are no longer responsible for merely responding to consumer demand. New data sources, both real-time and batch, internal and external, allow […]

How G Suite Facilitates HIPAA Compliance on Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are changing how hospitals provide healthcare. Consider the following NCBI statistics: 87% of doctors use smartphones in the workplace 90% of care staff use devices in more than […]

The Rise of Heterogeneous Deployments: Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Solutions in GCP

Until recently, the idea of a multi-cloud architecture was more of a pipe dream than a viable option for your workloads. In theory, it sounds nice to spread risk across […]

How to Increase HIPAA-Compliant Collaboration Among Hospital Staff

Many healthcare centers in the US are having a security standoff, and much of it is due to doctors, nurses, and other staff using personal devices – none of which […]

How to Bring Next-Generation Cybersecurity to Your Healthcare Organization

Cybersecurity in healthcare is a rapidly growing issue as the healthcare sector is facing a security crisis: a recent study on the industry’s cybersecurity challenges reported a record high 780 security […]

Is It Finally Time to Switch to Microservices?

Several organizations have a migration to microservices planned as long term goal. But how will you know when it’s finally time to make the switch? You know it’s worth the […]

The Easiest Way to Cut Costs (While Increasing Functionality) as a Healthcare CIO

Healthcare CIOs face a new suite of challenges as their role evolves. As Mark Gilbert, research director for digital health at Gartner recently noted, healthcare CIOs are now being asked […]

Paving a Path with Google Cloud Platform: Top 5 Tech Considerations for GCP

In 2017, we saw both an increase in public cloud adoption as well as a rise in media attention to security breaches. The good news is, GCP is leading the […]

HIPAA Compliance in the Cloud – Why Healthcare Organizations Are Making the Move

Over the past decade, HIPAA compliance in the cloud and the mere mention of moving Protected Health Information (PHI) to the cloud would cause IT directors at healthcare organizations to break […]

Is Your VPN Safe?

Is your VPN safe? On Monday, January 29th, Cisco announced a major security warning for many of their ASA and Firepower security appliances. A vulnerability was found in Cisco’s WebVPN […]

SADA Helps MadHive Deliver Blockchain Ad Tech with Privacy by Design

MadHive is the blockchain ad-tech firm that developed the MadNetwork protocol, for accurate, efficient, and completely private ad serving. Using blockchain technology, machine learning models, and artificial intelligence agents deployed […]

Google Announces G Suite Enterprise for Education

The needs of educational institutions are evolving and we’re happy to announce Google’s cloud collaboration suite, G Suite for Education, now has an upgraded version, G Suite Enterprise for Education. On […]

From Silicon Valley to Silicon Beach – How Tech Companies’ Adoption of G Suite Makes Them Attractive to Top Tech Talent

So many companies sink their budget on vendors and third-party products with the hopes of turning themselves into a well-oiled, ROI-driven machines. Yet, what they don’t realize is that the […]

A Model That Fits: Making Sure Your Company is Ready for Machine Learning

Recent buzz-worthy articles on machine learning and artificial intelligence have piqued a mainstream interest in machine learning. NASA is finding new planets using Google’s AI, Apple (and competitors) are locked […]

Google App Engine vs. Google Compute Engine for Deploying Your App

You’ve written your app and you’re ready to deploy. Now, it’s time to open up Google Cloud and compare your options for hosting and running the app. Some prudent feature […]

3 Questions to Help You Get the Most Out of Collaboration Platforms Like G Suite

The workforce is increasingly global. Employees are increasingly on-the-go. Even within the same corporate campus, team members are asking for an increased capability to collaborate with each other. To meet […]

4 Benefits of a Collaboration Platform for Mobile Work

Mobile work, completed across dispersed teams, is fast becoming the norm. Smart devices have raised expectations for accessibility—both internal (colleagues) and external (clients). One study found 79% of knowledge workers […]

Seattle Department of Transportation Gains Immediate Cost Savings with SADA Systems’ Project Coordination Application, dotMaps

SADA’s project coordination and planning application, dotMaps, is projected to save SDOT $7 million within the first year of launch.  SADA Systems is excited to announce that the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) […]

Google Cloud Platform for Your Fast-Paced Startup

Google Cloud Platform knows a thing or two about startups. And if you’ve worked in a startup, then chances are you know what it’s like to wear many hats. (And […]

Mobile Workforce- NOT Just for Startups, Tech Workers, and Millennials

Take a second. Imagine a stereotypical employee in the mobile workforce. Really dig into the details. After you finish this quick exercise, we have one question for you. Did you imagine… […]

Data in the Cloud – Empowering Everyone to be a Data Analyst

With the innovation that comes with the cloud, your employees no longer need to be a “data analyst” to use data in a powerful way to do their jobs. In […]

When – and How – to Cut the Cord on Legacy Licensing

This post is a continuation on last week’s post, “How Full Adoption of G Suite Can Boost Your Bottom Line.” It may seem hard to fathom, but a future without […]

How Full Adoption of G Suite Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Has your organization “Gone Google” or looking to adopt G Suite in the near future? If so, SADA’s G Suite Change Management and Adoption team applauds you…but have you had […]

Migrating to the Cloud: A Question of “When,” Not “If”

The hype surrounding migrating to the cloud is almost overwhelming. Technology decision makers hear insistent suggestions that “all of an organization’s resources should be migrated to the cloud immediately,” says […]

Email Is Not Dying – It’s Becoming More Collaborative

Despite what you’ve heard, email is not dying. Search Google for “the death of email” and you’ll find 130 million results. And on each page you’ll find headlines like “Why […]

G Suite Paves a Path for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is top of mind for enterprises in all industries and fields. Their hope is to apply innovative technologies like cloud to help them eliminate infrastructure overhead, improve business […]

Enterprise Collaboration: 4 Key Trends (and One Big Reality Check for Many Business Leaders)

It can be hard to keep up with all the enterprise collaboration news coming out these days. Enterprise collaboration growth is projected to experience 13% compound annual growth over the […]

How to Use Call Center Data and Analytics to Improve the Customer Experience

Call center data and analytics is becoming the driving force behind improving call center efficiency and the customer experience. Famed business consultant Peter Drucker famously stated that, “…the purpose of […]

G Suite and the Digital Enterprise

Enterprise productivity and collaboration solutions had been fairly unchanged until the cloud era. Originally developed for email and content creation, they were intended for individual contributors to build presentations, spreadsheets, […]

3 Ways G Suite Enterprise Brings the Digital Enterprise Together

Content and collaboration solutions are the foundation for productivity within any digital enterprise, and they are among the tools most commonly used by modern workers. Gartner emphasizes the ubiquity of […]

Cloud Security Best Practices within Google Cloud Platform

While GCP is feature-rich and offers an array of functionality, much of what makes it such a compelling cloud solution its cloud security best practices. Application and data integration, collaboration […]

Cloud Security – Innovation Gives GCP Users a More Secure Foundation

The cloud clearly provides enterprises with major advantages around IT infrastructure, user collaboration, technology innovation, and organizational efficiency. Especially with a solution like Google Cloud Platform (GCP), organizations are able […]

Making Your Cloud Safe: Google Cloud Platform and the Secure Enterprise

Because the cloud operates according to a different paradigm than traditional platforms, it is important to have an understanding of how security is handled and why security in the cloud […]

Forget Your Whiteboard and Sticky Notes – 3 Ways Jamboard Redefines Collaboration in the Cloud

The business world moves at the speed of light, so how can companies keep up with the ever-changing global landscape? As companies grow and the workforce becomes increasingly dispersed and remote, […]

SADA Systems Launches Google Jamboard – the Reimagined Digital Whiteboard for Collaboration in the Cloud

SADA Systems has partnered with BenQ to sell Google Jamboard, a digital, interactive whiteboard for collaboration in the cloud. The 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) touch-enabled device is aimed at […]

SADA Expands Services Offering to Include Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Orbitera to provide services for their Cloud Commerce Platform.

Google Translation API: Reaching the Global Audience for Media & Entertainment

Google continues to find ways for people to discover and consume information. It’s now making a full-fledged effort to provide media and entertainment companies with translation and customization tools that […]

Protecting Your Company Against Phishing Attacks

In light of recent phishing attacks, we want to ensure you are aware and armed against any future phishing attempts.

What’s Next for Google Cloud?

When Google does anything, they do it big. In the days leading up to their recent Google Cloud Next conference, the company made 100 announcements about application functionality, new partnerships, […]

Google for Healthcare – The Next Level of Email, Collaboration, and Productivity

It’s often said that a carpenter is only as good as his or her tools. In the world of healthcare, your staff’s ability to provide superior patient care similarly hinges […]

Digital First Media Transitions 6,100 Users to Google

Digital First Media is a leader in local, multi-platform news and information, distinguished by its original content and high quality, diversified portfolio of local media assets. Digital First Media is […]

The Cloud Wars: GCP vs. AWS

GCP vs. AWS – the decision comes down to cost, innovation and a lot of analysis.

Develop, Deploy, Repeat: Build Enterprise Apps with Google App Maker

Enterprise technology is evolving to a point where solutions no longer require months to deliver. Rather, specific business issues and processes can be addressed with the rapid development of new […]

Hunterdon Healthcare Increases Adoption and Cuts Costs with Google G Suite

Hunterdon Healthcare is a health system in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, consisting of a 190-bed hospital and 60 care locations which have approximately 1 million ambulatory visits annually. The organization, […]

How Google G Suite Helps Keep Your Hospital HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA compliance is a serious matter and the consequences for violations can sink the bottom line and become a roadblock to patient care.

I'm Going All In on Google Cloud Search

2016 started with a punch in the gut from Google (note: that is not officially how Google’s marketing department described it). The beloved Google Search Appliance was going the way […]

The CIO’s New Journey: Fully Embracing the Cloud

It’s no secret that cloud computing is radically changing how enterprises manage their technology investments and use data and applications to grow their businesses. While long a source of curiosity […]

SADA Systems and Collins Engineers Launch Atom, an Asset and Resource Management Application for Regional Transportation Departments and Related Agencies

The application will allow departments/agencies to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve public safety through streamlined management and analysis of bridges, structures, signs, roadways, field personnel and more.

Introducing Google’s App Maker for G Suite

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, we’re always excited to get our hands on early releases of new products and services. Most recently, we were part of an Early Adopter […]

SADA Showcases dotMaps at Designing Cities 2016

Recently, the SADA Google Maps team hit the road for Seattle to attend “Designing Cities”, a week-long conference hosted by the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO). The conference brought […]

Google Drive Reporting Improved in Admin Console and Reports API

In an effort to help Google Apps admins monitor and analyze their Google Drive content, Google is now delivering audit logs in the Reports section of the Admin console, as […]

Google Announces Google Cloud and G Suite

Google knows businesses are getting busier. With employees more plugged-in than ever, sometimes technology can actually get in the way. Technological friction and organizational silos still impact productivity for countless […]

Top 4 Google Hangouts Tips

Google Hangouts are great, simply tool for text or video chats. Downloading the Hangouts app can help iOS users communicate with Android users in place of FaceTime. Using Hangouts can […]

Google Drive FAQs, Answered

What happens if I remove a file from Drive? If you own the file you remove, it’s automatically removed from Drive on all of your devices and on the web. […]

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could do with Google

Millions of users take advantage of Google’s vast range of services daily, from the flagship Google Search to the GPS-enabled Maps app. People trust Google because they have a product […]

Business Continuity via Google Cloud Platform and a Trusted Partner

Business Insider recently published an article which outlined a customer’s negative experience with Google Cloud Platform (GCP). In short, the customer left some security vulnerabilities open in their server which […]

Google Cloud Platform Improves Database Workloads

As Google Cloud Platform (GCP) continues its quest for dominance as a public cloud, it recently announced a move to make all of its database storage products generally available and […]

7 Cool Google G Suite Add Ons

While G Suite applications themselves are powerful for productivity, there are tools available to help you get even more out of them. As an award-winning Google partner, we’ve made some friends […]

Apps Ideas from a Google Marketing Director

In our recent Google Apps Summer School for Marketers, we got to speak with Google’s Marketing Director of G Suite, Maureen Bradford. Naturally, we decided to pick her brain about […]

3 More Ways Marketers Can Use Google Apps for Projects

Last week, we blogged a few ways marketers can use Google Apps to streamline collaboration and production. This week, we wanted to build on that and share a few more […]

3 Ways Marketers Can Use G Suite

If you are in marketing, you know all too well how challenging it is to collaborate with your team and confidently publish great, approved materials. When you’re juggling multiple campaigns, […]

5 Helpful Google Drive for Work How-To’s

Curious about how you can use Google Drive for Work? Many people are aware that it is a cloud storage tool part of the G Suite suite, but not every […]

5 Gmail Tips from Power Users: Optimizing Your Inbox

With the number of business emails sent and received each day averaging 122 in 2015 (according to The Radicati Group), sifting through your inbox can be a daunting task. Email has […]

3 Tips for Handling Change Management with Google Apps

The quest for improved productivity within organizations of all sizes is both simultaneously unending and non-existent.  On one hand, businesses are seemingly always seeking new ways to get more done […]

How Data Loss Prevention (DLP) in Gmail Works

Given that keeping data secure isn’t the most exciting process an employee ever performs, it has to be made simple, quick and reliable if it is to be followed. Google […]

3-Step Meeting Scheduling in Google Hangouts

Hopefully you’ve never struggled to schedule meetings in dedicated conferencing software. However, if you have found conferencing platforms to be surprisingly, unnecessarily, aggressively difficult to navigate, you’re not alone. Google […]

Meet Data Studio 360: Google’s New Data Visualization Tool

As big data continues its dominance of business and IT news, line of business users more than ever want intuitive ways to tell narratives through data. Data visualization is a […]

Google Maps Street Views From the Ocean Floor

While SADA Systems is considered a pretty great place to work according to Inc. Magazine, there might be a cooler job out there—Google Street View underwater camera operator.  

Google Updates: AI and ML Drive Google Springboard and Improvements to Sites

What do Search, artificial intelligence (AI) and productivity all have in common? They’ve all found a comfortable home in Google’s new search product, Springboard.

What is the Cloud 2.0 and How Will it Use Big Data?

The last two decades have been an especially exciting time to watch technology. We slowly understood and embraced the Internet, we slowly wrapped our minds around the concept of a […]

How G Suite Drives ROI

Since the advent of the wheel, humans have always sought to simplify their efforts through the use of better tools.  With simple tools, it is easy to discern how they […]

How to Load Test with Google Container Engine

Development testing workloads have long been a marquee process for cloud computing.  The very nature of DevTest, with short bursts of compute-intensive workloads followed by long periods of idle, lends […]

San Antonio Housing Authority Creates Dynamic Communities with the Help of G Suite

  “It has been a great experience working with SADA, from initial testing and strategy, to project management, to migration and support.” -Jo Ana Alvarado, Director of Innovative Technology, SAHA […]

5 Real Life Examples of How Google is Transforming Retail Technology

In the retail industry, information notoriously follows a top down structure, and the culture tends to revolve around command and control. From managers to store representatives, employees often lack resources […]

Creative Circle Connects Talent with Opportunities Using Google Search for Work

Creative Circle is an innovative staffing company that specializes in connecting advertising, marketing, creative and digital professionals with companies seeking talent. Creative Circle began to recognize a trend toward a […]

Google Search Transitioning to the Cloud – What Does This Mean for GSA Customers?

Recently Google announced plans to wind down sales of the hardware-based Google Search Appliance (GSA) effective March 21, 2016 with roadmap to innovate Google enterprise search to provide a cloud-based […]

5 Tips for Setting Up an Effective Onboarding Plan with Google Apps

According to the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), newly hired employees are 58 percent more likely to still be at the company three years later if they had a […]

Google vs. AWS Cloud Comparison: Strengths, Key Workloads, Costs and More

Firms today are no longer asking if they should embrace the cloud, but instead, they’re asking how. The early concerns arising circa 2010 regarding security, reliability and privacy of hosted data have been […]

Cloud Pricing Comparison 2016: Google Cloud Platform vs. AWS

No two cloud platforms are the same, and that could not be more true when it comes to comparing pricing models. Cloud pricing has long been a challenge for IT […]

Dev/Test Best Practices – The Cloud Paradigm

Organizations are in constant need of sandboxes for developing the next great thing. I wrote a blog back in 2013 about how the ease of access and low costs available […]

Google Maps for Work: Make Location-Based Information Work for You

Who are your customers? Where are they coming from? Where are your field reps? Your competitors? Are your stores trending up, or down? Learn how Google Maps for Work can […]

Google Drive Just Got More Secure – What it Means for Google Apps Customers

Earlier this week, Google announced some crucial enhancements to Google Drive which are changing the game for data security and user privacy – as well as the fact that it […]

West Chester University Engages Current and Prospective Students with the Google Search Appliance

  “The Google Search Appliance has set us apart from other institutions. Students and staff can quickly find whatever information they need through a single search box on our website.”  […]

Editorial Projects in Education Boosts Website Visitor Engagement

  “What we achieved with the Google Search Appliance was content discoverability on our website, keeping users engaged by providing the ability to easily sift through decades of published content.”  […]

How Google Places API Streamlines Ecommerce and Increases User Retention

As ecommerce professionals know, each additional step in the checkout process is an excuse for a customer to abandon the purchase. Forced account creation and a complicated checkout process account […]

Arrowpointe Provides Sales Teams with Visual Customer Data Using Google Maps APIs

  “With Google Maps’ global presence and accuracy, our clients can interact geospatially with customer information in Salesforce whether they are in the United States or on the other side […]

Google and SADA Systems Tackle Government Challenges with Innovation Labs

  Google’s Government Innovation Labs is an initiative which provides various government officials with access to Google’s enterprise technology, developers and experts to contribute to county improvement projects. Google’s regional […]

What’s New in G Suite: Top 6 Latest Updates

  Google continues to roll out a steady stream of updates improving the mobility, security and functionality of its G Suite suite of advanced cloud productivity tools. Below are six […]

The ROI of G Suite: 2015 Forrester Research Report

  Businesses today, in an effort to remain competitive, often pursue enterprise cloud solutions to save costs and improve efficiency and productivity. However, the question often remains – Where exactly […]

The Evolving Role of the CIO: Personal Tech Cloud and Security

  What Every CIO Should Understand About Today’s IT With tech being driven forward so strongly by both employee demand for consumer technologies as well the as the immense opportunity […]

Understanding the Google Search Appliance: Bridging the Gap Between Users and Information

Search engines like have made sifting through billions of records on the internet almost instantaneous. Quality, relevant information is a click away. However, how does that compare to the […]

The Top Five Ways to Use Google Apps in Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies around the world are discovering new and innovative ways to leverage G Suite to streamline operations and empower employees in order to accelerate product cycles and grow business. […]

How to Protect Your Organization from Risky Third-Party Applications

  Today’s guest blogger is Ben Howard, Global Partner Manager, BetterCloud The adoption of cloud platforms over the past few years has brought huge benefits to organizations of all shapes and […]

SADA Systems Partners with Switch Communications

Nearly 80% of businesses today are using legacy phone systems that require hardware upgrades, patching, and maintenance that are quite costly for companies. For each phone system, companies are forced […]

Top Three Reasons You Should Build Your Next Website or Web Application on Google Cloud Platform

  In late 2013, Sony Music featured One Direction in what became the biggest livestream music event ever held on YouTube – “1D Day”. One of the many testaments to […]

Google Search Favors Mobile-Friendly Sites: What the Change Means for Businesses

  Earlier this year, Google announced it would be making a significant change to the Google Search algorithm in order to favor mobile-friendly sites in search rankings. Google has been […]

UCLA and the Henri Gerard Desgranges Foundation Provide Quality Medical Care to Haiti with Google Drive

  The Henri Gerard Desgranges Foundation (HGDF) is a non profit organization, recently partnered with the UCLA Blum Center on Health and Poverty in Latin America to provide medical aid, […]

The Top Five Ways to Leverage Google Apps to Streamline Business

  Leading organizations around the world have been empowered to innovate and grow their business in new ways with Google technologies. Here are a few ways they are using Google […]

Innovation in Security: How Does Google Protect Your Data?

  Security has long been a top priority for Google. However, cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly vital IT concern; according to Computerworld’s annual Forecast survey of IT executives, security spending […]

Creative Circle Connects Talent with Opportunities Using Google Search for Work

  Today’s blog post is a case study featuring SADA Systems’ Google Search Appliance consulting and implementation for Creative Circle.  “The Google Search Appliance tool has broken down information silos […]

Bringing Google Search to Life with Twigkit: Know Your Customer

  SADA Systems recently announced our partnership with Twigkit, an innovative software built to optimize and transform search results generated by the Google Search Appliance into valuable, interactive customer insights. […]

University of San Diego Revolutionizes Study Abroad with WISE Built on Google Maps and Google Cloud Platform

  Today’s blog post is a case study featuring SADA Systems’ work for the University of San Diego building WISE, a geo-contextual social learning platform.  “Traditionally, literature is primarily taught […]

SADA Systems and Twigkit Partner to Deliver Better User Experience for Google Search for Work

  SADA is thrilled to announce that we are partnering with Twigkit software to provide an easy search capability for enterprise as well as social features for Google Search Appliance customers. […]

FCC Changes E-Rate Rules to Create New Opportunities for EDU Tech

  Today’s guest blogger is Michael Higby, Senior Business Development Manager It was the mid 1990s. Bill Clinton was in the White House. Mike Piazza was slamming home runs out […]

Cybersecurity 2015: Protect Your Business

  Today’s guest blogger is Simon Margolis, Cloud Platform Lead at SADA Systems In 2014, over 50 million records were stolen from private businesses. Many top brands fell victim to […]

Innovation in Technology with Google Cloud

  This blog is a recap of a webinar guided by Google Sales Engineer Charles Baer and SADA Systems’ Director of Strategic Initiatives Derek Lin, “Innovation in Technology with Google […]

Increase Mobile Workforce Efficiency with Google Maps for Work

  This blog is a recap of a webinar guided by SADA Systems’ Brian Webb, Google Maps Business Development Manager, and James Price, Geo Solutions Architect: “Increase Mobile Workforce Efficiency […]

ALPI Goes Google Cloud – Increasing Collaboration and Efficiency

  Today’s blog post is a case study featuring SADA Systems’ G Suite consultation and deployment services for ALPI.  Client: Albini & Pitigliani (ALPI) Website: Organization size: 120 Users Country or […]

Hopkins School: Working Smarter with Google Apps for Education

  Today’s blog post is a case study featuring SADA Systems’ Google Apps for Education consultation, deployment, and training services for Hopkins School!  Client: Hopkins School Website: Organization size: 900+ Users […]

Innovation: From Strategy to Reality with Google's Premier Partner

  In light of Google’s recent announcement regarding new incentives for top Google Cloud partners, we wanted to clarify what this means not just for SADA Systems as a Google […]

Working Without Limits with Google Drive for Work

  Google Drive for Work: Unlimited Storage and Accessibility Employees need to be productive wherever they may be. With a rapidly increasing number of employees working remotely, while traveling, or […]

LACMA Increases Collaboration and Saves Cost with G Suite

  Today’s blog post is a case study featuring SADA Systems’ G Suite consultation, deployment, and training services for LACMA!  Client: Los Angeles County Museum of Art Website: Organization size: More […]

City of Chicago Reports $14.5 Million in Contributed Cost Savings with New dotMaps GIS Application Built on Google Cloud

SADA Systems is thrilled to announce the release of dotMaps, an interactive mapping service that facilitates project management. The dotMaps application provides a platform for city infrastructure projects to be displayed […]

Aerotech Improves Efficiency with Google Apps

  Today’s blog post is a case study featuring SADA Systems’ G Suite consultation, deployment, and training services for Aerotech!  Client: Aerotech Website: Organization size: 375 users Country or Region: Pittsburgh, PA […]

Google Announces Drive for Education: Free and Unlimited

  As of this week, students and teachers now have access to a free premium Drive offering exclusive to education! Drive for Education now includes unlimited storage, access to Google […]

SADA Systems Helps Sunrider International Go Google

  Today’s blog post is a case study featuring the work SADA Systems has done to migrate Sunrider International to G Suite!  Client: Sunrider International Website: Organization size: 1300 users Country or […]

SADA Systems moves Oshkosh Area School District to Google Apps for Education

  Today’s blog post is a case study featuring the work SADA Systems has done to migrate Oshkosh Area School District to Google Apps for Education!  Client: Oshkosh Area School […]

New Large Attachment Migration Tool for Postini to Vault Transition

  Are you a Postini user? Then you’re probably aware of the end-of-life announcement from Google.  Organizations using Postini as an email security and archiving solution are in the process […]

Gmail Hacked? The Truth Behind the Alarm

  Today’s guest blogger is Derek Lin, Director of Client Relations at SADA Systems. This week, various news organizations reported that a list of 5 million Gmail addresses and passwords […]

Anytime Anywhere: Mobility with Google Drive for Work

  We need the freedom to work wherever life takes us – at the office, at home or on the go. Google Drive for Work gives users the ability to […]

Bring Learning to Life with Google Classroom

  “You can’t stay in teaching and keep going to the old ways,” said Sister Rosemarie DeLoro, a teacher in Fontbonne Hall Academy in Brooklyn, New York. She’s been teaching […]

SADA Systems migrates Virginia Commonwealth University to Google Apps

Today’s blog post is a case study featuring the work SADA Systems has done to migrate Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) to Google Apps for Education!   Client: Virginia Commonwealth University […]

SADA Systems moves First Mortgage Corporation to Google Apps for Business

  Today’s blog post is a case study featuring the work SADA Systems has done to migrate First Mortgage Corporation (FMC) to Google Apps for Business! 

Meet Face-to-Face with Hangouts and Chromebox for Meetings

  “The more things change, the more people like to have face-to-face meetings,” says Rajen Sheth, Director of product management for Chrome for Business. As technology moves forward, the need […]

Google Maps Engine Pro Includes Google Maps Coordinate Access

  Google recently announced an exciting update to Google Maps for Business – now Google Maps Engine Pro users also gain access to Google Maps Coordinate!

Drive Business Performance with Google Enterprise Search

  Today’s guest blogger is Thom Goodwin, Business Development Manager at SADA Systems. How quickly can you find what you’re looking for on the Internet? Search engines, such as Google, […]

New Archive and Backup Solutions for Google Apps

  Technology is a culture of continuous improvement and it is imperative to implement solutions that ensure easy collaboration, satisfy compliance requirements, and prevent any “oops” situations. Thankfully, there are […]

Why Upgrade to Google Drive for Work?

  Following the announcement of Google Drive for Work, we have had a lot of questions from our customers, including a common one: “why should we move to Google Apps […]

Google Revamps Drive and Launches Google Drive for Work

  At last week’s I/O developer conference, Google’s largest technology conference, Google acknowledged they hear businesses when they ask for additional control, security, and visibility into how users are utilizing […]

SADA Systems Announces New Strategic Partnership with Synergyse

  SADA Systems announces that it is now a Synergyse partner and reseller! As part of SADA System’s services to support the Google Apps platform, Synergyse’s interactive training modules will now […]

Alleviating Big Data Pains with Google Cloud Platform

Today’s guest blogger is Simon Margolis, Senior Cloud Platform Engineer at SADA Systems. 

Preparing to Launch an Application: Costs vs. Benefits

  Today’s guest blogger is Simon Margolis, Senior Cloud Platform Engineer at SADA Systems. 

Mitigate Data Storage Concerns with Google Cloud Platform

Today’s guest blogger is Simon Margolis, Senior Cloud Platform Engineer at SADA Systems.  A major problem faced by almost all businesses is that of data security and reliability. Firms spend […]

Berkeley County Schools Migrates to Google Apps for Education with SADA Systems!

Today’s blog post is a case study featuring Berkeley County Schools migration to Google Apps for Education by SADA Systems. 

Postini Transition to Google Vault – What You Need to Know!

  Today’s guest blogger is Erin Leonard, Client Relationship Manager, Google Enterprise.  Google is transitioning Postini services to the Google Apps platform, a change that offers many benefits to users! […]

Google Apps Update – Gmail & Google Drive

  Happy Friday! We’re rounding out the end of the week with a few Google Apps updates, summarizing a few new changes with both Gmail (for both consumers and Google […]

Google Enterprise Update: Google Updates Cloud Platform Offerings

  Last Tuesday Google revealed a series of exciting new updates to its Google Cloud platform offerings, including pricing updates and expanded capabilities, revealed during Google Cloud Platform Live. Google […]

Chromebox for Meetings Package – Now Available!

  SADA announces the availability of a Chromebox for Meetings Package, which brings together Google+ Hangouts and Google Apps in an easy-to-manage Chromebox at bundled pricing options!

Exciting News For Google Vault Users: SADA Releases Large Attachment Migration Tool for Google Vault!

  Many organizations need a cloud-based solution that gives them the ability to quickly and easily store, keep, search and export email for e-Discovery and compliance needs. Google Vault, a […]

SADA Systems Releases Two-Factor Authentication for SADA Cloud Single Sign-On (SSO) for Google Apps

  The SADA team is excited to announce the release of a new solution to help organizations with more stringent security requirements gain the benefits of cloud-based Single Sign-On (SSO) […]

Announcement: SADA is a Google Enterprise Maps Premier Partner!

  The SADA team is excited to announce that we’re now a Google Enterprise Maps Premier Partner! This new designation from Google enables customers to more easily assess a partner’s […]

SADA Systems Releases Email Image Filtering Tool for Google Apps

  The SADA team is excited to announce the launch of a new tool that helps organizations proactively monitor, control and protect the flow of the content in emails sent […]

Google Apps Admin Updates: New Admin Console & Google Admin App for iOS

  Google recently released two new important updates for Google Apps administrators: a new Google Admin App for iOS and new Google Admin console (the classic Admin console was deprecated […]

Enterprise Search Gets An Update: Google Search Appliance 7.2

  As recently announced on the Google Enterprise blog, Google Search Appliance (GSA) gains new capabilities to make searching through all your enterprise content (regardless of location or format) even […]

Architecting Cross Cloud Soultions in Google Cloud Platform

Today’s guest blogger is Simon Margolis, Senior Solutions Engineer at SADA. Simon works to design business solutions, focusing on the Google ecosystem. As SADA helps it’s customers find new ways […]

Announcing the availability of Google corporate videoconferencing solution: Chromebox for meetings!

  We’re thrilled to announce Chromebox for meetings will soon be available – an exciting new videoconferencing solution that utilizes Google+ Hangouts and Google Apps with a simple-to-manage Chromebox, for […]

Google Apps Updates: Google Vault New Sign-In Pages Drive and G+!

  As we approach the end of January, we wanted to be sure all the Google Apps users out there are aware of a few recent updates to the platform […]

Announcing…5 Years as a Google Apps Reseller!

  It’s been a long road since we first announced our status as a Google Apps Reseller, back in January 2009 – 5 years and over 5 million users migrated […]

How Businesses Can Leverage Google Maps

  Over the past few months, Google Maps for Business solutions have received several updates, including the introduction of Google Maps Engine Pro, increased capabilities, and updated Google Street Views. […]

How to leverage Google+ for your business in 2014

  As we hit 2014, we’re finding out that it’s more important than ever for businesses to have a presence on social media sites. Google+ is a powerful tool for […]

Google Drive Unlocked: Our Top 5 Google Drive Tips

  As 2013 draws to a close and 2014 is right around the corner, we all have resolutions to ring in the new year: here we’ll list a few of […]

Year in Review: Google Apps Security Updates

  All Google Apps users noticed a series of security updates that were rolled out over the past year: here we’ll summarize key 2013 security improvements and features that were […]

How Google Compute Engine is changing for the enterprise

  As recently announced on the Google Enterprise Blog, Google Compute Engine is now Generally Available, in a big step forward for Google Cloud Platform. After a phase of testing, […]

How Consolidated High School District 230 integrates Google Apps for Education into everyday learning

Today’s blog post is a case study featuring the work SADA Systems has done to migrate the staff of Consolidated High School District 230 (or D230) to Google Apps for Education. 

SADA launches the Google Search Appliance (GSA) QuickStart program!

  Our team’s been discussing the benefits of Google Enterprise Search with the Google Search Appliance for a while now – with the GSA’s ability to search through all your […]

People-Centric Security in the Modern Cloud

  Today’s guest blogger is Kevin O’Brien, Director of Product Marketing at CloudLock. Kevin heads up Product Marketing for the cloud security vendor (and our partner!) CloudLock, and has been part of the security […]

Google’s social innovation: how Google+ is adapting for the enterprise


SADA Systems releases a new solution for Google Apps for Business: Google Drive Backup Tool!

  SADA Systems is proud to announce the release of our latest solution to enhance our Google Apps for Business services: Google Drive Backup Tool, developed and offered only by […]

Google Apps Update: Attachments in Gmail with Drive!

  Organizations running off of Google Apps can save even more time with a new update to Gmail, which allows users to view attachments and save them directly to Google […]

SADA helps Massachusetts College of Art and Design move to Google Apps for Education!

Today’s blog is a case study featuring the work SADA Systems has completed to migrate Massachusetts College of Art and Design to Google Apps for Education! Client: Massachusetts College of Art and […]

Restricted Google+ communities for businesses!

  Google Apps for Business users can find plenty of ways to leverage Google+ in the workplace as a tool to provoke engagement with future and current customers, from live […]

Google Apps for Business Updates!

  If you regularly use Google Apps for Business, you might have noticed a few changes in your user experience, including an updated look for some of your most commonly […]

Google Enterprise Video Overview

  Need an overview of how Google Enterprise solutions can help transform your organization’s workflows? In case you missed it the first time around, we hosted a webinar series focusing […]

Google Apps for Business update: handwriting input for Gmail and Google Docs!

  A great new update for Google Apps for Business users – Gmail and Google Docs now offers, beyond the language support capabilities already available, handwriting input! Whether you’re a […]

Google Maps for Business update: Google Maps Engine Pro

  We’re excited to announce a new Google Maps for Business update with Google Maps Engine Pro! In line with other Google Maps for Business solutions aimed at helping businesses […]

Avalon Innovation and SADA Systems strategically team up to deliver Google Apps globally!

  The SADA team is excited to announce a new strategic partnership with Avalon Innovation to strengthen our Google Apps deployment services for global projects! Avalon Innovation and SADA Systems […]

How to use Google Sites in your classroom

  With the school year being well under way, we’d like to reveal some of our favorite ways to leverage Google Sites in your classroom (for all the Google Apps […]

Google Apps Update: Google Docs Google Sheets Google Slides & more!

  Google Apps gets an updated look for some of your favorite collaboration solutions, including Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides, while sharing settings are extended to non-Google account […]

Attend: Google Enterprise Solutions – SADA’s 3 Part Webinar Series!

  Starting this week for the next 3 Thursdays, SADA is kicking off our very first 3-part webinar series, exploring the Google Enterprise suite for Government and Education!

Don’t Miss: Google Maps Coordinate Demo!

  Google Maps Coordinate is a powerful workforce management tool designed to improve mobile team efficiency. As organizations of all types and sizes increasingly adopt mobile strategies, and with the […]

Google Maps Engine Infographic

  Check out this great infographic we found on the Google Enterprise Blog detailing how Google Maps Engine can transform the way enterprise organizations create and share customized maps!

Google Sites for Education: transform the way you teach!

  If you’re an educational institution running off of Google Apps for Education, you won’t want to miss this webinar coming up in less than 2 weeks: Transform the Way […]

Google Form users: Announcing 4 new customization capabilities!

  Google Forms are definitely popular here at SADA Systems, whether they’re used for internally polling our team on whether they want to participate in our quarterly ping pong tournaments, or […]

New Google Chrome Desktop Apps

  Last Thursday was Google Chrome’s fifth birthday, which means that Google has unveiled an update to the browser: powerful offline capabilities! According to the Google Chrome Blog the updated Chrome […]

5 Ways to Leverage Google Apps for Education & Chromebooks in the Classroom

  School’s back in session, which means it’s the perfect time to brush up on new ways to use Google Apps for Education solutions, from Google Docs to Google Drive […]

Non-Gmail mailbox routing & Quarantine report updates

  Exciting news for all the Google Apps admins out there! If your organization uses a non-Gmail service, there’s a new “Non-Gmail mailbox” setting you can quickly access to ensure […]

SADA helps Lyon Real Estate go Google!

Today’s blog is a case study featuring the work SADA Systems has done with migrating Lyon Real Estate to Google Apps for Business.  Client: Lyon Real Estate Website: Organization […]

SADA helps the Moline School District go Google!

  Today’s blog post is a case study featuring the work SADA Systems has done to migrate the Moline School District to Google Apps for Education.  Client: Moline School District […]

SADA helps Franklin County PA go Google!

  Today’s blog post is a case study featuring the work SADA Systems has done to migrate Franklin County, PA to Google Apps for Government. Client: Franklin County, Pennsylvania Website: […]

Why SADA Systems Uses Google Compute Engine

  Today’s guest blogger is Simon Margolis, Senior Solutions Engineer at SADA. Simon works to design business solutions, focusing on the Google ecosystem. Of all the Google technologies we’ve used […]

SADA Systems announces new custom design and development services for Google Sites

SADA is thrilled to announce revamped custom design and development services for Google Sites, part of the Google Apps for Business suite of products. Google Sites is a website creation tool […]

City of Omaha and Douglas County join forces to move government workers to Google Apps

Today’s blog is cross-posted from the Official Google Enterprise Blog.  The City of Omaha and Douglas County have something many municipalities lack, a collaborative relationship. With Omaha located within Douglas County, […]

Google Apps Vault for Education

  Editor’s note: Today’s guest blogger is Senior Business Development Manager, Michael Higby. Listen to Michael speak on Google Apps for Education and Chromebooks in this webinar recording. Since SADA […]

How to turn Gmail into a time-saving productivity machine

Today’s guest blogger is Thom Goodwin, Business Development Manager at SADA Systems. Listen to Thom dish on the Google Apps suite by listening to his webinar recording.  How many times […]

Google Maps Coordinate Demo from SADA Systems

  SADA Systems recently rolled out our Google Maps for Business implementation services as part of our geospatial solutions offerings! Today we’re featuring our Google Maps Coordinate customization and implementation services: work with SADA’s expert […]

Transform Organizations with Google Apps Collaboration Tools

Editor’s note: Today’s guest blogger is Michael Higby, Senior Business Development Manager and Google Apps Certified Sales Specialist at SADA Systems. Get the chance to hear him discuss Google Apps live […]

To Train or Not To Train

  Editor’s note: Today’s guest blogger is Tracey Flynn, a Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer and SADA Systems’ Training Manager.

Security in Google Enterprise

  In case you missed it the first time around, here’s the recording of one of our recent webinars: Security in Google Enterprise. We were joined by our partners, Google […]

SADA Systems announces Google Maps for Business implementation services

  SADA Systems, a global leader in cloud computing solutions and IT consulting, recently announced its latest service offerings around Google Maps for Business solutions. Google Maps for Business products […]

SADA at the Going Google Roadshow LA 2013

  SADA Systems was honored to once again partner with Google Enterprise to host the Going Google Roadshow at our home base in Los Angeles, moderated by our CEO and […]

Security Audits for Google Apps Domains

  Editor’s note: Today’s guest blogger is Lindsey Reich, Sales Operations Coordinator at SADA Systems, who helps maintain and manage the workflows of our Google team.

SADA Systems is now a provider of “Customer Success Services (CSS) for Google Apps approved by Google.”

  SADA Systems announces it is now a provider of “Customer Success Services (CSS) for Google Apps, approved by Google.”

Our latest case studies featuring: Chromebooks!

  Have you had a chance to check out SADA’s Case Studies page?

Announcing: New Google Apps Admin Panel

  Announcing an update for Google Apps users: a new Google Admin panel for managing Google Apps, including Chrome devices and other Enterprise products. Google began rolling out to new […]

Google Compute Engine Update

  Exciting news for those interested in leveraging the powerful Infrastructure as a Service capabilities of Google Compute Engine!

SADA Systems is named the North America Innovation Partner of the Year 2012 at the Google Enterprise Global Partner Summit

SADA Systems is proud to announce we’ve been recently named the 2012 North America Innovation Partner of the Year by Google Enterprise! The award was presented at the Google Enterprise […]

The City of Monterey goes Google!

SADA Systems is excited to host a webinar March 6, 11am PST discussing the City of Monterey’s move to Google Apps for Government! We’re very glad to be joined by […]

SADA Systems helps CPS go Google!

SADA Systems is proud to induct another member into the “gone Google” club: we’re happy to welcome Chicago Public Schools (CPS) as another educational institution we’ve helped make the move […]

More advantages to Google+ for Business

If you think that Google+ is just for social networking, think again.  This powerhouse has a lot of business-friendly features under the hood, and you should give it serious attention.  Here are […]

Have you heard of Google Coordinate?

Google Coordinate provides an easy to use, easy to implement tool for managing and dispatching your mobile workforce in real time, whether your business uses messengers, delivery personnel or service […]

Chromebooks for your Business

Chromebooks are quickly evolving to become an organization essential for cloud-based environments! The device is optimized for web apps and other  browser-based business tools, making it easy for organizations to […]

Going Google Apps? Check out CloudLock for collaborative security.

Moving to Google Apps? Secure your sensitive content in the cloud with CloudLock! Cloudlock is a pattern matching engine that identifies, categorizes and secures sensitive information, including personally identifiable information […]

Update: New Google+ Premium Features

SADA Systems’ Google Apps update: Google+ Premium features are now available for your Google Apps for Business, Google Apps for Education and Google Apps for Government accounts! Leverage the following […]

School’s in Session: Tips for Hosting a Hangout for the Classroom

School’s kicked into full swing, so it’s perfect timing that we were just referred to this article from one of our readers, “32 Tips for Hosting a Successful Hangout with […]

Google Apps Update: Supporting Modern Browsers!

Just a friendly reminder for Google Apps users from Google Enterprise and SADA Systems to update your browsers! Last year, Google announced that each time your preferred browser is updated, […]

Join Google and SADA at the Los Angeles Going Google Roadshow

On Wednesday the 10th of October, SADA Systems will host the Los Angeles Going Google Roadshow at Google’s Venice offices. The web is significantly changing the way businesses work – […]

File server migration to Google Drive demo video

Watch how easy migrating your file server to Google Drive with SADA Systems can be!  SADA offers a simple solution to ensure a seamless and timely migration of data from […]

Integrating Google+ at Work

On August 29, Google+ launched a set of new features designed for businesses that are “going Google”! Employing Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Drive, Google’s new business technology […]

Announcing SADA's File Server Migration to Google Drive service

SADA is happy to announce our newest Google Apps service offering, SADA’s File Server Migration to Google Drive! Our solution alleviates the need to manage the multiple cloud or on-premise file […]

Big changes for big universities

Editor’s note: Today’s guest blogger is Derek Lin, Senior Project Manager at SADA Systems, a leading cloud computing consulting firm. SADA Systems designs, deploys and delivers innovative IT solutions for […]

Google’s Best Low-Profile Apps.

With so many new features, products, and updates from Google it’s easy to forget about all the great features Google and Google app makers already have to offer. Many times we […]

SADA Systems Introduces: An SSO solution for Google Apps built on App Engine!

Today, SADA Systems is proud to announce our revamped Single-Sign On (SSO) solution for Google Apps, built on App Engine! Our newly 100% cloud-based service allows users to log into […]

The New Mexico Attorney General’s Office chooses SADA Systems!

The New Mexico Attorney General’s Office has recently chosen SADA as their Premier Google Apps Partner! While the company migrated over 120 attorneys and 200 full-time employees to Google Apps […]

SADA helps Clover Stornetta Farms mooooove to Google Apps

Clover Stornetta Farms is a family-owned and operated dairy processor with progressive ideas about nutritional health, environmental stewardship and technology. When the company began to see that their traditional IT […]

SADA Systems helps Chicago Public Schools Go Google!

SADA Systems can add the entire Chicago Public School system to the long list of schools that we’ve helped “go Google”. The transition from CPS’s legacy system will save CPS over […]

SADA Systems announces the release of their latest tool: License Alert for Google Apps (LAGA)

SADA Systems today announced the release of the newest Google Apps application to join the other tools the company has developed: License Alert for Google Apps (LAGA). LAGA is ideal […]

Register now! SADA and DevelopMentor host a FREE Google Apps & App Engine workshop 3/20/12

Google fans unite! SADA Systems and DevelopMentor will be hosting a FREE Google Apps and App Engine workshop on March 20, 2012 from 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM, geared towards developers, IT admins and interested individual looking […]

SADA Systems Featured on the Google Enterprise Blog: SADA Helps D-Link Go Google!

At SADA, we measure our own success by the satisfaction of our clients – and we’re proud to say we’ve helped D-Link cut costs, streamline communication and strengthen company community, […]

Google shows SADA some Valentine’s Day love with 2 new certifications

SADA Systems is proud to incorporate the Google Apps Premier Enterprise and SMB Reseller certifications to our long running list. These new designations from Google enables customers to more easily assess […]

Offline Access to Google Docs with Android

The Google Team updates Google Doc’s offline access with Android – now, even without Internet access, you can access files you’ve saved in Google Docs with your Android phone, by […]

SADA & Google Apps Case Study: The Bakersfield Californian

Company The Bakersfield Californian is an independent, family-owned newspaper and media company. Originally published in 1866 as The Weekly Courier, it was the county’s first newspaper. Today, The Bakersfield Californian […]

SADA & G Suite Case Study: A World of Tile

Customer A World of Tile, founded in 1989 in Denver, CO, is a company that specializes in providing tile flooring for your home. World of Tile focuses on providing excellence […]

New Additions to Gmail

Google joins other IT solutions and services providers working to improve email security and management capabilities for an increasingly mobile and global workforce. The other day, Google announced the integration […]

Google on the Move

It seems like the cloud is growing at the edge of the horizon – one of Spain’s largest banks, BBVA, recently announced that their 110,000 staff members are going Google, […]

SADA & Google Apps Case Study: Oregon Anesthesiology Group

Client Oregon Anesthesiology Group is comprised of over 200 Board Certified/Eligible anesthesiologists, providing a wide spectrum of treatment settings in state-of-the-art anesthesia and peri-operative medical care for over 20 hospitals […]

Google+ will soon be integrated into Gmail and Contacts

Not yet on Google+? With Google’s latest announced update, Google+ will be deeply integrated in Gmail and Google Contacts. Google+ will be integrated through a widget on the Gmail sidebar […]

SADA launches App Engine microsite

You’ve taken the first major step in your journey to Cloud with the decision to Go Google.  Now, you can get even more value from Google Apps by streamlining more […]

SADA's City of Mesquite project featured on Official Google Enterprise Blog

City of Mesquite employees have been enjoying the benefits of Google Apps for nearly a year now. The city sought new ways to reduce IT overhead costs without compromising security or […]

Guiding employees through Google Apps migrations

When organizations migrate to Google Apps, it can lead to fear, uncertainty, and confusion on the part of some employees. It is relatively easy to move data and applications onto […]

The importance of your cloud deployment partner

So you’ve decided to take your company to the clouds! That’s great news, but you should know that when you are migrating to the clouds for the very first time, it […]

How to choose the right Google Apps Deployment Partner

When your organization is considering a migration to Google Apps, perhaps the most important consideration is the choice you make for your deployment partner. Deployment partners are a critical component […]