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The 4 Quadrants of digital transformation

The 4 Quadrants of Digital Transformation

August 15, 2019

Many organizations associate digital transformation with technology, but the real drivers of a successful digital transformation are an organization’s people. Success is not determined by measuring the implementation of a...

FlowPlay case study featured image

SADA’s TAM Services Help FlowPlay Get ROI on Google Cloud Platform

August 12, 2019

The online gaming industry is growing rapidly. According to NewZoo, global gaming spend reached nearly $135 billion in 2018, yet many game developers struggle to turn a profit. Developers in...


5 Ways That Google Cloud Search Bolsters Productivity

August 8, 2019

No one disputes that enterprise data assets are bursting at the seams, and organizations face numerous challenges related to storing and making sense of it all. Historically, as enterprises focused...

5 Ways G Suite Helps Companies Attract Top Young Talent

5 Ways G Suite Helps Companies Attract Top Young Talent

August 1, 2019

It’s a great time to be looking for a job; not so much to be looking to fill one. Employers must replace retiring Baby Boomers, who are leaving the workplace...

Top 5 Ways Anthos differs from AWS and Azure

Top 5 Ways Google Anthos is Different from AWS and Azure

July 25, 2019

Google Anthos is positioned to change cloud computing as fundamentally as Android transformed the smartphone ecosystem. Let’s examine the five primary ways in which Anthos differs from competitors AWS and...


How Google Maps Platform Is Paving the Way to Better Healthcare

June 13, 2019

Google Maps Platform offers businesses unprecedented capabilities to improve efficiency, make better decisions, and engage customers. But it also has an unparalleled potential to improve healthcare in a variety of ways....


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