Google Cloud Next 2023: All eyes on cloud security

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

The cloud is home to a wide variety of businesses in every conceivable industry. The one thing every cloud-based organization has in common can be summarized in a single word: security

SADA plans to bring our full slate of cloud security expertise to Google Cloud Next, with a dedicated kiosk in our Cloud Concierge booth and sessions that focus on specific use cases and cloud security best practices. Our cloud security experts will be on hand to consult with anyone seeking to fortify their organization’s cloud security posture with the most up-to-date solutions and strategies. 

To prepare for the year’s biggest cloud transformation gathering, we’re offering the following resources, all designed to keep you informed about today’s evolving attack vectors and the solutions you can deploy to confront them. Consider this your Google Next cloud security cheat sheet. 

Can’t-miss SADA security session at Google Cloud Next 2023

How FEVO is revolutionizing online shopping with cloud security posture management

How FEVO is revolutionizing online shopping with cloud security posture management

Learn how FEVO, a leading social commerce company that lets friends shop together on any website, tapped SADA to support their rapid expansion and cloud modernization efforts with cloud security services. Hosted by SADA’s Director of GTM Security & Solutions, Rocky Giglio, with Jason Laska, FEVO’s EVP of Engineering.

Where: Booth 625

When: Tuesday, August 29, 2:40 pm-3:00 pm

The top 5 cloud security threats and how to confront them in 2023

More security resources

The top 5 cloud security threats and how to confront them in 2023

This expansive guide provides an overview of the most pressing security concerns for any organization operating in the cloud. This must-read resource for anyone responsible for keeping their organization’s data, customers, and teams safe includes a helpful list of “5 vital questions to bring to every security meeting.” 

Cloud Security Confidence Assessment

Here’s the place to start when you’re ready to level up your security posture. This flyer provides information on the services you can expect when you engage SADA’s cloud security experts to fully examine your security profile. As with every SADA engagement, you’ll get the right combination of industry best practices and custom recommendations that take into account your unique business, existing systems, and regulatory environment. 

Case study: Mobile gaming leader Kabam levels up defenses with security deep dive

Learn how this innovative and creative gaming company fully assessed their security profile with a deep-dive, courtesy of SADA’s cloud security experts. 

Zero-trust security–why user authentication is just the beginning

In this blog post, explore the nuances of zero-trust security, which establishes vigilance at every access point and ensures that your data remains available to only those authorized to see it.

Protect your data with IAM: Identity & Access Management 101

In this blog post, we explore the how to establish a strong IAM practice for your organization to ensure the security of your data, customers, and teams.

SADA Security experts and Google identify and remediate cloud vulnerability

Learn how SADA’s security team spotted a cloud security problem and quickly mobilized to address it. Want more details? Check out this technical deep dive post into the issue and how it was resolved. 

Checklist: Your daily, monthly, and yearly security operations best practices

Assuming responsibility for your organization’s security operations means constant vigilance and the ability to respond to threats at a moment’s notice. SADA’s security experts compiled this handy list to prepare anyone who may find themselves in the security hotseat. 

Cloud security FAQs

A great, general purpose list of common security concerns that’s worth dipping into, whether you’re an expert in the subject or just starting your cloud security journey. 

When it comes to cloud security, this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. No matter what business you’re in, it’s well worth your time to stop by SADA’s Cloud Concierge booth (#625) at Google Cloud Next 2023 for the latest insights on cloud security. We’ll be glad to meet you!


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