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Making Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Work for Government – Webinar Recap



Making Hybrid and Multi Cloud Work for Government

Government and public sector agencies are facing a variety of unique technological challenges when it comes to modernizing to meet tomorrow’s demands. It has become clear that hybrid and multi-cloud environments are the future of government computing, but hybrid strategies come with new challenges. A recent Center for Digital Government survey of state and local IT officials found that nearly half of them were concerned about the potential of hybrid computing creating more work for IT staff, and almost 70 percent expressed concern that their employees lack the skills to manage hybrid environments. 

To address these challenges, Miles Ward, SADA’s CTO, and Mike Kolinsky, SADA’s Senior Business Development Manager, recently led a webinar that provided much-needed insight on the topic. Moderated by Patrick Moore, Senior Fellow for the Center for Digital Government, the webinar explored the opportunities and challenges of multi-cloud and hybrid computing, and featured an informative live Q&A session. 

Tune in to the on-demand webinar to learn more about:

  • Current barriers to cloud adoption
  • The key components of a successful hybrid cloud strategy
    • The benefits that come along with a successful hybrid solution, including:
    • Achieving zero to deployed in less than a few hours rather than months
    • Uniformity without restrictive vendor lock-in
  • The ability to focus more on building apps and less on managing infrastructure
  • Google Anthos, its use cases and how it enables governments and companies to operate their infrastructures the way Google operates its own (hint: radically more efficient).
  • SADA’s new flat-rate service packages and how they help customers implement Anthos with low risk and greater cost certainty:
    • Anthos First Step is for companies eager to experience Anthos for 90 days.
    • Anthos Flat-Rate is essentially phase two of a customer’s Anthos implementation, refining a PoC environment into production-ready infrastructure.

Watch the on-demand “Making Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Work for Government” webinar to learn more about how to overcome the technological challenges that are interfering with meeting tomorrow’s demands.

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