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Creative Circle Connects Talent with Opportunities Using Google Search for Work



Creative Circle is an innovative staffing company that specializes in connecting advertising, marketing, creative and digital professionals with companies seeking talent.

Creative Circle began to recognize a trend toward a more virtual workplace; a client in Boston might be in need of a perfectly qualified candidate based in New York who could complete a project remotely. However, their recruiters lacked the ability to complete an all-point search across the network; information was siloed across file servers at the many offices in multiple locations around the country, causing loss of productivity and potential loss of business opportunities.

With Google Search for Work, Creative Circle had access to one central hub of information in multiple repositories nationwide. Recruiters could quickly and easily perform document searches for any location. The solution integrated well throughout their network, and the simple and familiar Google Search interface eliminated the need to cross train employees on multiple systems, providing one central access point for information.

According to Howard Jolcuvar, Chief Information Officer at Creative Circle, “We needed a way to break through the steel pipe of our locale. Google Search for Work has broken down information silos and differentiated us from other companies by revolutionizing the speed, simplicity, and accuracy in how we find experienced and talented candidates to match our clients’ needs for creative work.”
Creative Circle Results and Benefits:

  • New recruiting opportunities with comprehensive resume searches
  • Efficient, nationwide access to client information
  • Increased customer satisfaction with quick access to client contracts and documents
  • Simple and familiar interface, eliminating the need for cross-training
  • Improved search accuracy, reach and ease of use
  • Accelerated overall recruiting cycle with reduced search time
  • One central access point for information in multiple repositories
  • Scalable network to support Creative Circle’s rapid growth in a cost-effective way

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