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AuthMagic now for Google Apps!

Coming on August 1st, SADA Systems’ AuthMagic for Google Apps will enable your organization to synchronize your local Active Directory Passwords.
AuthMagic will consist of two modules:

DLL install for AuthMagic
DLL Filter
DLL filter captures the user’s password, and securely transmits it to web service. Install DLL filter on all domain controllers.
DLL filter featured in AuthMagic
Web Service
The web service synchronizes user’s password with Google Apps. You can install the web service on either hosted or a on-premise Windows web server.

SADA’s AuthMagic for Google Apps will be both simple and lightweight given there are only two modules to deploy. The DLL Filter and web service will also come with full logging functionality as well as the convenience of hosting the web service anywhere. As is to be expected from SADA, security is always a top priority. AuthMagic for Google Apps will be secure by design and the passwords are never transmitted in clear text. Those who purchase this tool can control which users will get their passwords synchronized through filtering rules.
Lastly, in true SADA fashion this tool is made to serve all of our clients, hence the affordable price point. For more information, please visit our CloudToolKit Website.

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