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SADA Systems releases a new solution for Google Apps for Business: Google Drive Backup Tool!


SADA Systems is proud to announce the release of our latest solution to enhance our Google Apps for Business services: Google Drive Backup Tool, developed and offered only by yours truly, the SADA team!

For many organizations using Google Apps, your corporate Google Drive stores a wealth of precious information – from critical business Google Docs, to Sheets containing pricing information, to Google Presentations that took hours of work. Oftentimes, the final version of these documents comes after a long process of collaboration, whether that’s between internal or external resources – and that last thing you’d want is to lose is that Presentation right before your meeting, or the Doc with all your notes right before a call.

We all know that technology isn’t perfect, and sometimes accidents can happen – whether a user accidentally deletes a document, or an unforeseen circumstance corrupts your business data. SADA’s Google Drive Backup Tool gives you an extra layer of protection to your Google Apps services, allowing you to keep a copy of the data on your Google Drive, stored to your local server and downloaded across all the users in your domain. SADA’s Google Drive Backup Tool is customizable, and can be set up to schedule recurring syncs at the intervals of your choice of the data on your Google Drive, keeping your backups current. So whether your data is deleted accidentally, or even intentionally, you have the peace of mind knowing that the documents you need will be available, converted to an Open Office format.

Want to learn more about Google Drive Backup Tool and how it can be customized to suit your needs? Go ahead and send us a note.

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