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SADA Presents Google Apps at Angelbeat

Angelbeat is a series of seminars begun by CEO Ron Gerber. Where most tech seminars are focused on technology professionals and developers, and are full of indecipherable acronyms and techno-babble, Mr. Gerber’s seminars are intended to reach out to business and enterprise users. The very people who are wondering, “How do I save money on IT?” In today’s troubled economic climate this is a valid concern. The Angelbeat series takes place in several major cities over the summer, and brings together tech professionals, enterprise business executives, and end-users to discuss possible solutions to just this concern.

At the invitation of Google, SADA’s own CEO and President Tony Safoian flew to New York for the Long Island Angelbeat event. Tony was attending with Google as a Google Enterprise Partner, and gave a presentation around Google Apps and how it can be used as an Enterprise solution, or software as a service.

To visit the Anglebeat website and learn more about upcoming events that may be in your area, visit their website (www.angelbeat.com) or click here.

Below is the presentation Tony gave at the event:

Following are some pictures from the event:

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