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How Google G Suite Helps Keep Your Hospital HIPAA Compliant

Healthcare HIPAA Google G SuiteHIPAA compliance is a serious matter and the consequences for violations can sink the bottom line and become a roadblock to patient care.

One hospital in Brighton, MA, was forced to pay $218,400 to the Dept. of Health and Human Services after it was discovered they failed to comply with correct procedures for digitally storing patient information. (1)
HIPAA and the Cloud
Healthcare administrators have historically often relied on enterprise software to maintain HIPAA compliance. But many of today’s workers, especially millennials, prefer apps and cloud-based tools.
Rather than creating a new learning curve that requires lengthy additional training, give your team products that are familiar to them, such as Google’s G Suite.
G-suite products (Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Drive, for example) make collaboration and file sharing simple and seamless. With a few adjustments and careful attention to detail, you can incorporate these commonplace applications, and still ensure a HIPAA compliant workplace.
HIPAA and Google G Suite: Best Practices
Check out some benefits and tips for successfully incorporating Google G Suite into your HIPAA compliance strategies:

  • DO sign a BAA (Business Associate Agreement) with Google
  • DO look into creating organizational units
  • DO limit apps and add-ons
  • DO add backup
  • DON’T allow everyone access to everything
  • DON’T allow file synchronization without doing some research
  • DON’T forget to audit access and regularly review account access

Click here for a deeper dive on how Google G Suite can help keep your hospital HIPAA compliant today!
Nicky Parseghian
Practice Director – G Suite / Cloud Search / Workplace
Nicky Parseghian
1. McCluskey, Priyanka Dayal. “St. Elizabeth’s to pay $218,000 to settle privacy charges.” July 13, 2015. https://www.bostonglobe.com/business/2015/07/13/elizabeth-pay-settle-privacy-charges/BMbfkVqbS0LymgB0unSo2L/story.html

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