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By Simon Margolis | Associate CTO, AI & ML

Today’s guest blogger is Simon Margolis, Senior Cloud Platform Engineer at SADA Systems. 
Simon Margolis SADA Systems Director Google Cloud PlatformA major problem faced by almost all businesses is that of data security and reliability. Firms spend a great deal of money and effort on ensuring data is available and secure – this means data needs to be safe from destruction, secure from unauthorized access, and available at all times for authorized use.

Traditionally these issues were mitigated by data replication, various forms of hardware and software access control, and backups either on-site or in a colocation. These solutions required hardware, dedicated infrastructure, and administrators to architect and oversee them. With Google Cloud Platform (GCP) data can be made secure, reliable, and available without the need for such an investment. By combining GCP products, a solution can be designed to allow data to be provided as a service and taken for granted.

Leveraging Google’s cutting-edge infrastructure, GCP allows businesses to focus on the task at hand, leaving the details of data maintenance in the background.  Google has made a business of collecting, maintaining, and analyzing astronomical amounts of data. As a result of years of engineering, Google’s infrastructure provides industry-leading data quality, which is now available to the outside world as well.

By taking the concerns of global availability, security, and reliability out of the equation, teams can focus on achieving their goals as opposed to worrying about ‘keeping the lights on’.  Not only does leveraging data as a service save massive amounts of time, the monetary savings are also significant. No longer will storage nor infrastructure go underutilized, wasting costs of equipment and maintenance. Google Cloud Platform offers a pay-as-you-go model ensuring nothing is wasted; a project will only be billed for what is used and nothing more.

Furthermore, by applying a pay-as-you-go model, project teams need not pre-determine what volume of storage is needed in advance.  This prevents the over or under provisioning of infrastructure.  By this same logic, storage can be massively scaled up or down without ever worrying about paying for unused space nor running out of room.

By letting Google’s Cloud handle the logistics and maintenance, many traditional IT procurement and managerial worries disappear. Cost savings, both on hardware and personnel, are evident immediately and businesses are empowered to do what they do best.

SADA provides Infrastrucuture Migration to Google Cloud Platform services, where we go through a consultative process with our clients to architect a solution that alleviates the infrastructure burdens I mentioned, leveraging a combination of GCP solutions. If you’re interested in learning more, please visit our website.

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