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Got Google+? 3 Ways to Use G+ To Enhance Your Business

If you haven’t begun to incorporate Google+ into your use of Google Apps, now is a good time to start – the social network has exploded in size, with over 90 million registered users in January, more than double what Google reported in October.
What could this mean for your business? The opportunity to cast a wide net and attract interest for your business.  The chance to grow your network through new ventures with like-minded individuals who are familiar with and utilize the same highly collaborative, innovative suite of tools in their daily business operations. And the prospect of increasing your organization’s’ visibility and vitality.
The first step?

    1. Create a Google+ page for your business. Use keywords that will help increase your ranking as well as keywords those in your industry, and your customers, would know and use. Google+ can impact your search results by giving you ways of standing out, including the ability to claim business articles you’ve written, by linking your content to your Google+ profile. You can even directly connect your Google+ page to your website.


    1. Take advantage of linking – you can add links many different places on your Google+ page, which means you can promote any special services, events or products that are related to your business, increasing your visibility in searches and driving traffic to your business website.


    1. Google+ lets you make badges, so you can add them to website. An interactive badge makes it easier for people to “circle” you in Google+. Being circled also increases your search-visibility, and Google+ gives you creative means of doing so, including pictures and video.

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