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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Machine Learning (ML) quickly transforms existing industries and brings about entirely new business models. Simply put, ML is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) based on the idea that systems can learn from data, identify patterns, and make decisions with minimal human involvement. Machine Learning is increasingly a must-have for enterprises of all sizes, from banking to logistics, to gaming, medicine, government, and beyond.

But how do you know what ML solution is right for you? And what’s the first step toward developing and deploying your own ML applications?

SADA is here to help. We’re proud to announce three new Machine Learning solutions to our POWER line of service products, designed with multiple entry points for you to develop your unique ML strategy. 

SADA POWER products combine best practices, industry-tested methodology, and deep-bench expertise to provide custom solutions to address your unique business needs. Whether you’re new to Machine Learning, or already have a model to deploy, SADA’s dedicated team of experts will provide recommendations based on use cases that are most relevant to you. 

One way to determine which Machine Learning offering is right for your business is to consider which part of the phrase  “Ready, Set, Go” is currently most relevant to you.  

Let’s consider each product in a bit more depth. 

Get ready with POWERPLAN Machine Learning Feasibility Study

How can you know if ML is right for your business? SADA’s POWERPLAN Machine Learning Feasibility Study was specifically designed to answer this question. 

This comprehensive study will help you determine how ML can meaningfully impact your business process or products, offering a customized assessment based on your specific needs and industry to put you on a direct path to ML mastery.

With POWERPLAN Machine Learning Feasibility Study, you’ll be well on your way to optimizing your current business processes and unlocking new capabilities and opportunities for growth. 

Get set with POWERUP Machine Learning Minimum Viable Model and Pipeline

You know a Machine Learning solution is right for you, but could use help selecting a model or building one yourself. POWERUP Machine Learning Minimum Viable Model walks you through the iterative process of developing an initial model based on your specific business needs. You’ll end up with your own custom solution and a better understanding of where to take it next.

POWERUP Machine Learning Minimum Viable Pipeline provides a scalable, composable, and secure ML pipeline in Google Cloud to easily and quickly bring your ML solutions to market. SADA experts help take the guesswork out of your ML initiatives, with recommendations to fit your existing strategic plans. 

All systems go with POWERON Production Machine Learning 

You’ve developed your ML model and are excited to take it into production. POWERON Production Machine Learning builds and deploys a robust ML stack ready for automated application integration. Your dedicated SADA team will share industry best practices and bring you into conversations about ML innovations to inform your overall strategy.

With SADA POWER ML service offerings, you can make sure that your business takes full advantage of everything this amazing growth industry has to offer.

Contact us today to explore how SADA POWER Machine Learning service offerings can benefit your business.


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