Meet the Experts: How Google Cloud Helps Healthcare Organizations Enhance Human Health and Wellness

Meet the Experts – How Google Cloud Helps Healthcare Organizations Enhance Human Health and Wellness

Join SADA and our expert, Michael Ames, Sr. Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences for a Live Stream Webinar and learn how the Google Cloud Platform can secure your data with […]

SADA Launches National Response Portal

SADA Launches National Response Portal, Targets COVID-19 Insights and Economic Recovery

SADA is pleased to announce the official launch of our National Response Portal (NRP) providing critical data to aid in COVID-19 recovery. Envisioned by HCA Healthcare and built in collaboration […]

SADA reflects on covid-19s healthcare IT legacy

Webinar: Reflections on COVID-19’s Healthcare IT Legacy

As the COVID-19 pandemic (or at least its initial iteration) recedes, health system IT executives are taking a moment to reflect on its lasting impact and to consider the ways […]

Google Meet Video Meetings for Everyone, Everywhere - FREE

Google Meet with Advanced Features Now Available to Businesses—FREE!

Google Meet with advanced features is now available to every organization—free until September 30th. The enterprise-grade video conferencing platform enables you to have video meetings with anyone, anywhere in the […]

SADA Teams with HCA Healthcare & Google Cloud to create National Response Portal

SADA Teams With HCA Healthcare & Google Cloud on Data Portal to Help Communities Respond to COVID-19

SADA is pleased to announce a collaboration with HCA Healthcare and the nation’s leading healthcare providers to build the National Response Portal running on Google Cloud and bring data together […]

How Google Maps Platform Is Paving the Way to Better Healthcare

Google Cloud solutions like the Google Maps Platform have an unparalleled potential to improve healthcare outcomes. Here are some recent inspiring examples.

An Introduction to ML for Healthcare Organizations on Google Cloud

A healthcare organization’s business goals decide which ML techniques and algorithms should be used for a given problem. With Google Cloud’s ML Engine and a plethora of open source libraries, your path to actionable ML insights may be shorter than you think.

2019 Brings a Renewed Google Cloud Commitment to Healthcare Data Security, Interoperability and AI-Powered Insights

Google aligns its 2019 Cloud Healthcare development efforts to industry trends such as interoperability, AI, security and telemedicine.

3 Ways Google Vault is Transforming Healthcare Compliance in the Cloud

Google Vault is a storage and archiving application. Check out 3 ways that it helps healthcare organizations maintain HIPAA compliance amid changing requirements and regulations.

Google Updates in the Healthcare Cloud

Google’s healthcare cloud supports HIPAA compliance with industry-leading security to help lower healthcare IT costs while increasing patient data storage, improving research capabilities, and ensuring sensitive care center data is kept secure.

How Google Cloud Platform puts your healthcare organization in control

Faced with growing data management and privacy concerns, healthcare organizations are understandably reticent about moving their applications and patient data to the cloud.

SADA Systems Achieves the Infrastructure Partner Specialization in the Google Cloud Partner Specialization Program

Google Cloud Recognizes SADA’s Proficiency and Proven Success In Infrastructure

The Paperless Future of Healthcare

3 Ways G Suite for Healthcare Drives Collaboration & Reduces IT Costs by SADA Systems, a Google Cloud Premier Partner. Discover why healthcare providers are implementing G Suite.

3 Ways G Suite for Healthcare Drives Collaboration & Reduces IT Costs

3 Ways G Suite for Healthcare Drives Collaboration & Reduces IT Costs by SADA Systems, a Google Cloud Premier Partner. Discover why healthcare providers are implementing G Suite.

How to Manage Change When Adopting New Technology in Healthcare

Many Healthcare organizations want to transition to a next-gen collaboration platform, but experience change management challenges. The pain points hit hard: Administrators are unsure where to begin Aging workers are set […]

How G Suite Facilitates HIPAA Compliance on Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are changing how hospitals provide healthcare. Consider the following NCBI statistics: 87% of doctors use smartphones in the workplace 90% of care staff use devices in more than […]

How to Increase HIPAA-Compliant Collaboration Among Hospital Staff

Many healthcare centers in the US are having a security standoff, and much of it is due to doctors, nurses, and other staff using personal devices – none of which […]

How to Bring Next-Generation Cybersecurity to Your Healthcare Organization

Cybersecurity in healthcare is a rapidly growing issue as the healthcare sector is facing a security crisis: a recent study on the industry’s cybersecurity challenges reported a record high 780 security […]

The Easiest Way to Cut Costs (While Increasing Functionality) as a Healthcare CIO

Healthcare CIOs face a new suite of challenges as their role evolves. As Mark Gilbert, research director for digital health at Gartner recently noted, healthcare CIOs are now being asked […]

HIPAA Compliance in the Cloud – Why Healthcare Organizations Are Making the Move

Over the past decade, HIPAA compliance in the cloud and the mere mention of moving Protected Health Information (PHI) to the cloud would cause IT directors at healthcare organizations to break […]

Google for Healthcare – The Next Level of Email, Collaboration, and Productivity

It’s often said that a carpenter is only as good as his or her tools. In the world of healthcare, your staff’s ability to provide superior patient care similarly hinges […]

How Google G Suite Helps Keep Your Hospital HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA compliance is a serious matter and the consequences for violations can sink the bottom line and become a roadblock to patient care.

The Serious Threat of Ransomware and How to Protect Your Hospital From Attack

Ransomware. It’s a term that has grown far too popular in hospitals across the country, with over 88% of all ransomware attacks targeting the healthcare sector (1).  By October of […]

Image for Oregon Anesthesiology Group

Oregon Anesthesiology Group Empowers Employees with Secure, Real-Time Collaboration with G Suite

“SADA Systems’ professionals are knowledgeable, experienced and responsive.” Mark Goodman, MS. Sr. Programmer Analyst, Oregon Anesthesiology Group Share: DigitalFirst Media migrates 6000+ users to Google G Suite Client Oregon Anesthesiology […]

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