Unlimited PTO (Yes Unlimited): Why SADA is the Best Place to Work

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Tony Safoian, SADA Systems CEO

As CEO of SADA Systems, I’m so proud of my team for the amazing work we’ve accomplished together in the last 14 years.  Just like we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations, we also strive to make our employees happy so they enjoy what they do and feel SADA is the best place to work. Last week during our “All Hands 2015” kick-off event,  I was thrilled to make a few exciting announcements about how we’re choosing to give our employees the freedom, flexibility, and benefits they need to love where they work and what they do. We’ve been working hard to create a culture of personal responsibility and mutual trust, and wanted to reward our employees with added benefits going into 2015 by showing our appreciation for their loyalty and hard work.

I’m excited to have SADA Systems join a small but elite group of companies that have chosen to offer their employees unlimited paid time off (PTO). Only about 2% of companies in the United States, including Netflix, Virgin Group, and Groupon have made this choice to advocate for a more flexible work-life balance by choosing not to track or limit employee time off.

To quote founder of Virgin Group Richard Branson, “It’s a little bit like when you read that someone is offering a ‘zero percent interest rate’. If there’s no interest can it really be called an interest rate? Anyway, simply stated, the policy-that-isn’t permits all salaried staff to take off whenever they want for as long as they want.”

That’s what we’re going for here at SADA Systems: an unlimited PTO ‘policy-that-isn’t’ that allows employees to always do their best work, because we know in return employees will enjoy coming to work, providing better services, and ultimately our customers and partners will benefit from our happy employees.

Reed Hastings, co-founder of Netflix, talks about their decision to offer employee unlimited vacation in an article titled “How to Set Your Employees Free.” He says, “At Netflix, we think you have to build a sense of responsibility where people care about the enterprise. Hard work, like long hours at the office, doesn’t matter as much to us. We care about great work. This requires thoughtful, mature high-performance employees.”

We want our team to take the time they need to operate at peak performance, and we’re leaving it up to them to decide when the right time is to take off for awhile. Starting to wish you worked here, yet?

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Today’s blogger is Tony Safoian, Chief Executive Officer at SADA Systems


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