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Today’s blogger is Annette Davidsen: Generalist, Culture & People at SADA Systems

Do you want to work at a place where every day is different? Where new and evolving technologies, strategies, and ideas keep you constantly moving forward with new projects? Do you want to be on the leading edge of enterprise technology, implementing the latest innovations and helping companies become more efficient, agile, and productive–and of course, the reward of great benefits and an energetic, fun environment?

SADA is on the leading edge of an industry that will continue to thrive and grow at a rapid pace for years, bringing with it massive potential and plenty of new opportunities. According to the Computerworld Forecast Study 2015, IT decision makers’ spending on cloud computing will increase by 42% in 2015, and cloud computing initiatives are considered the number one most important project for IT departments across the board this year. For current and future employees, these opportunities provide tremendous growth for those entering the tech and IT industries. Hence, companies such as SADA are always searching for new talent with key skill sets and a strong desire to grow as our company does.

SADA Systems has maintained a consistent 50% YoY growth rate, which has not gone unnoticed: Last year SADA was ranked for the seventh time on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies list and for the fourth time on CRN’s 2014 Fast Growth 150 list of top solution providers that have continuously maintained exceptional growth.


SADA All Hands 2015: Team Awards

So it’s no wonder that our team has doubled in the past two years. Tony Safoian, CEO & President of SADA Systems, stated, “One of our primary goals is making SADA Systems the best place to work because we know that both our business and industry are positioned for massive growth and success–our strong and consistent growth guarantees the opportunity for an accelerated career path.”

New offerings, practices, and positions come often at SADA Systems; we’re constantly adding new products to our solutions offering, resulting in the addition of entire new teams or departments. As these new positions open up, and we are always eager to reward our best employees with the strongest opportunities by promoting from within. We like it–it keeps our team dynamic, agile, and always ready for the next challenge. Better yet, it provides our employees with the potential for a steep career trajectory and the opportunity to continually improve their skills and expertise.

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