White paper: Unlocking the value of cloud FinOps with a new operating model

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

How to remove your financial operating model from a quagmire of legacy processes, methodologies, and technologies

Public cloud adoption continues at a torrential pace, with compound annual growth rates exceeding 16%. Not only is this adoption expected to reduce core IT costs, it is forecasted to create significant value drivers. McKinsey Digital estimates this value will exceed $1 trillion in 2030. Despite these trends, 80% of CIOs admit they have yet to achieve their targeted value from cloud migration, and estimates reflect that 30% or more of cloud spend is either inefficient or wasted. As such, capturing this $1 trillion value in the cloud has proven frustratingly difficult for many companies. One of the key reasons for this challenge is that the financial operating model remains stuck in a quagmire of legacy processes, methodologies, and technologies.

Download Unlocking the value of cloud FinOps with a new operating model to learn how to overcome common cloud financial governance challenges so you can forge ahead confidently with your cloud FinOps strategy.   

Authored by leading FinOps practitioners at SADA and Google Cloud, the whitepaper explores:

  • Why remaining status quo is no longer an option
  • What the various roles are within the cloud FinOps team
  • How to become a resource for your organization
  • How to align cloud FinOps with the rest of the organization
  • How to drive cultural change
  • What you need to do to take the next steps toward establishing or significantly expanding your cloud FinOps team


Rich Hoyer, Director of Customer FinOps, SADA
Daniel Pettibone Director, PSO Digital Transformation Practice, Google Cloud 
Eric Lam, Head of Cloud FinOps, Google Cloud 
Pathik Sharma, PSO Cost Optimization Practice Lead, Google Cloud 
Bruce Warner, Senior Principal, Customer Value & Transformation Advisor, Google Cloud 

Download the white paper to unlock the value of cloud FinOps


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