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As we all navigate our new remote workforce environments, we're reminded now more than ever of SADA's working philosophy: "together, we're all in." We know the depths to which technology can empower people to transform their work, their industries, and the world, and we're here for it. We've created #CloudQuarters to share our knowledge and insights with you, to help your organization ensure its business continuity and engage your remote workforce. #CloudQuarters can be your go-to hub for information, guidance, tips & tricks, and to help our collective community embrace this shift to remote work and give us a space to come together.

We’ll frequently add to this collection of live and growing content in response to these new realities, so stay awhile, check back often, and join the conversation.

The #CloudQuarters Hub

Check out our repository of growing content designed to help empower remote teams to maximize all available tools.

#CloudQuarters Get an Introduction

Remote Work 101

Quick Guides and Tutorials

From tips on enhancing remote collaboration & productivity to G Suite how-tos, these resources are geared toward fully optimizing your remote work environment.   

#CloudQuarters Industry Advice

Industry Resources

Sector-Specific Guides

Learn how G Suite is elevating businesses and empowering employees in government agencies, the healthcare sector, and the media & entertainment industry. 

#CloudQuarters Watch & Learn

Watch & Learn

Live Events and Videos

We'll be hosting a variety of informative digital events designed to help your remote teams flourish. Stay tuned for expert insights, tips, and guidance. 

#CloudQuarters Bring Your Challenge

Bring Your Challenge

Technical Support

Problem? Meet solution. Bring us your most pressing challenges and your boldest ambitions, and we'll help you harness the power of G Suite to solve not just for today but for what's next. 

New to Remote Work?

Get tips and advice to enable an engaged remote workforce, break down organizational silos, and unite people, teams, and content to allow ideas to flow freely. Learn how to redefine productivity and unleash your remote teams’ potential with G Suite’s intelligent apps and industry-leading real-time collaboration tools.

Watch & Learn

From webinars to live chats to Q&A sessions, tune into our expert-hosted events for tips, advice, and guidance on G Suite, remote work, and productivity & collaboration.

Online Events

Thu 02

Google Docs Real Time Editing and Collaboration


High-level overview of the capabilities of Google Docs with real time editing and collaboration. This live-stream series will help keep you and your teams connected and productive while they work from home.
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Helpful Videos

Webinar: Take G Suite to the Next Level & Unlock Enterprise Innovation

Watch this on-demand webinar for an overview of G Suite Enterprise’s most advanced end-user & admin security features.
Watch Webinar

G Suite – Work Reimagined

G Suite is designed to be smart, simple, & secure. Watch this team complete the impossible task with the power of G Suite's collaboration & productivity tools.
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How To Easily & Securely Live Stream an Event Using Hangouts Meet

Get step-by-step instructions on how to easily and securely live stream an event to up to 100k participants using Google Hangouts Meet.
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#CloudQuarters Suite Bits: Meet the Experts: Hangouts Meet & Chat Live Stream

Google Meet & Hangouts Chat

High-level overview of the capabilities of Google Meet and Hangouts Chat. This live-stream series will help keep you and your teams connected and productive while they work from home.
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G Suite: Designed to Meet the Needs of All Organizations

7 Reasons Why the Healthcare Industry Is Migrating to G Suite

G Suite for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations of all sizes are discovering the power of G Suite. Read 7 reasons why the healthcare industry is going Google.

5 Ways G Suite for Media and Entertainment Is Transforming Operations

G Suite for Media & Entertainment

Learn how G Suite is helping M&E companies boost productivity & collaboration, increase security, and engage audiences.

6 Reasons for Government Agencies to Switch to G Suite

G Suite for Government

Learn 6 reasons why government entities, from small towns to states to large federal agencies, are migrating to G Suite.                 

Bring Us Your Challenge

Working entirely remotely is dropping us all into new territory. But this is where SADA shines. Our change management and technical experts are here to help. Whatever your problem, we'll find the solution.

Challenge Meet Solution. Let's Talk.

SADA has a dedicated team with deep expertise on all things productivity, collaboration and Google Cloud. Bring us your current challenge, and we’ll help you solve it.

Resource Library

Explore our full resource library filled with content geared toward helping your business and teams thrive. As a leader in providing innovative cloud solutions, our team comes out with weekly content on topics that cover the latest in cloud transformation. From best practices to new innovations in the cloud, we'll keep you up to date on the industry’s trending topics.

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  • Productivity & Collaboration

6 Tips for Remote Team Collaboration

To reduce the spread of coronavirus, businesses are embracing remote work. Here are 6 work-from-home tips to boost productivity & collaboration with G Suite.
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Make it Work: The Future of Collaboration and Productivity

The future of work is here. Learn 3 strategies your businesses can use to improve productivity and encourage innovation—now and in the decade (or more) ahead.
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Gmail Worksheet

A quick reference guide on how to quickly organize and find important emails, read and draft emails, create a signature, enable Gmail offline, and more!
Download PDF

Google Slides Worksheet

Learn step-by-step how to create, edit and collaborate on professional presentations, pitch decks, training modules, and more with your team.
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Google Sheets Worksheet

This step-by-step guide will show you how to use Sheets to create and edit spreadsheets, customize your data, and work simultaneously with your remote team.
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Google Meet Worksheet

Learn how to use Google Hangouts Meet to hold impromptu video meetings on the go, virtual training classes around the world, remote interviews, and much more.
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#CloudQuarters Suite Bits: Meet the Experts: Hangouts Meet & Chat Live Stream

Google Meet & Hangouts Chat

High-level overview of the capabilities of Google Meet and Hangouts Chat. This live-stream series will help keep you and your teams connected and productive while they work from home.
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Google Docs Worksheet

Docs makes remote work a breeze! Learn how to collaborate with your team to write reports, create project proposals, keep track of meeting notes, and more.
Download PDF
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Cloud n Clear Podcast: SADA CEO Tony Safoian interviews Brand Jung from GitLab

The Necessity for Hyper Transparency in the World’s Largest Fully Remote Organization

SADA CEO Tony Safoian talks to Brandon Jung, VP of Alliances, GitLab, Inc.

Brandon Jung, VP of Alliances at GitLab (the world’s largest fully remote company,) delves into GitLab’s company culture and the necessity for hyper transparency provided through the GitLab handbook. Before joining GitLab, Brandon helped build the Google Cloud ecosystem that includes technology companies as diverse as Red Hat, Docker, Cloudera, Pivotal and Tableau. Tune in to hear him also discuss software development, why software is “eating the world,” and the evolution of the Kubernetes landscape.

Other podcasts related to remote working and making the change.

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Cloud n Clear is a SADA podcast for innovative business leaders and technology enthusiasts exploring how Google Cloud is transforming the industry. Hosted by SADA's CEO, Tony Safoian.

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