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G Suite vs. Microsoft 365

Why G Suite Is the Modern, Agile Alternative to Microsoft 365

One Sign-On, Thousands of Applications

Technology, whether employed for personal or professional use, must be fast, reliable, and convenient. G Suite Single Sign-On Solution gives your users the convenience of logging in to your company’s system quickly and securely whether they are working on-site or on-the-go.

SADA's G Suite Single Sign-On Solution allows users to be logged into multiple services through single sign-on authentication. Compliant with SAML protocol, G Suite login gives your users a simple way to access your organization’s important information without the hassle of continually entering in their login credentials in order to utilize several at once. SSO increases productivity as it cuts out time-consuming activities that tend to slow down business operations.

The G Suite Single Sign-On solution is built on Google Cloud Engine and is 100% cloud-based. This is a huge advantage since there’s no single point of failure and no overhead on-premise. Using Security Assertion Markup Language, users can log into your G Suite account with the same credentials in your LDAP. This open source single sign-on solution gives users a true SSO experience for G Suite that is built on the Google Cloud Platform with Google App Engine. SADA helps your company use the cloud to its full advantage by making it convenient and securely accessible to your team.

Exchanging authentication and authorization data between parties becomes even more convenient with G Suite SSO solution. Web browser single sign-on allows for faster collaboration and connection with your team and keeps your business effortlessly rising to the top. And when it’s time to close shop, SSO for G Suite also provides users with easy sign-off capabilities.

The SAML SSO also gives your organization the peace of mind that only authorized users are logging in to your company’s system. Google SSO’s security features preserve the integrity of your company’s systems while still offering users the convenience of single sign-on authentication.

G Suite Single Sign-On benefits:

  • 100% cloud based solution allows users to log in whether they are working remotely or on-site.
  • Built on Google App Engine ensures reliability and effectiveness from a trusted source.
  • Branded, customized single sign-on page for your users, no matter where they are located or what device they are on.
  • SAML 2.0 compliant.
  • Adheres to standards-based SSO.
  • Supports G Suite accounts that have multiple domains.
  • Additional workflows can be incorporated within the SSO page. For example, some organizations wish to restrict all users, or a subset of users, from logging in from devices not on the network or outside of business hours.
  • Includes maintenance and support from a team of trained experts proactively managing your IT systems and ensuring they are running seamlessly around the clock.
  • G Suite Single Sign-On also includes SADA’s first-class support services.  Our expertise with G Suite ensures quality customer service 24/7/365.

Single Sign-On for G Suite Takes Your Business to New Heights in the Cloud

With over 10 years of in-field experience with the most sophisticated technologies, SADA Systems’ premier IT consultative services will drive your business to the top of your marketplace.  Partnering with Google, we implement innovative technology into your business operations that will raise efficiency and create a foundation for success for your organization now and in the years to come.

With our expert team of Certified G Suite Specialists, SADA can guide your organization from conception and consulting through integration, management, and advisement.  SADA Systems is a trusted G Suite Premier partner and Reseller managing and optimizing G Suite solutions to meet your evolving needs.  We bring technology to your doorstep and equip your business with the resources to be the leader in your industry.

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