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Running a business smoothly and securely is important to any organization.  In today’s digital world, security is even more crucial as information becomes more accessible.  Now, with the Single Sign-On Two Factor Authentication, an extra layer of security is added to your Single Sign-On solution.

Single Sign-On solutions (SSO) are convenient, but may not offer the peace of mind organizations need to protect their business and their users.  Potential security breaches are a valid concern for any business; SADA addresses these concerns by offering Two-Factor Authentication for G Suite providing an additional layer of security when used with SADA’s SSO solution. This multi-factor authentication allows users to log into their respective G Suite account with the same credentials in the organization’s LDAP. SSO solutions provide a branded, customized login experience so your employees can securely access their important information from any location and on any device.

Built on Google App Engine, SADA’s Cloud SSO solution is 100% cloud-based and gives users a seamless experience signing into G Suite. SSO Two-Factor Authentication in G Suite reduces the risk of compromised accounts or security breaches without sacrificing the benefits of SADA’s cloud-based SSO solution. Organizations with strict security requirements now have the freedom to do business without the worry of potential security breaches that can be hazardous to their organization and their users.   Two-factor authentication eliminates the ability for an intruder to access an employee’s email and other information even if their password is compromised. An attacker cannot access information without a unique verification code, which can only be obtained from the employee’s own mobile phone.This extra layer of security ensures that your organization’s data and important information is always secure.

Single Sign-On Two-Factor Authentication operates using  verification codes sent to your mobile device.  It takes their network password and a verification code on their mobile device to always provide an extra layer of security. Analysis of user behavior and awareness of physical security provides users a secure environment to work in, and organizations the peace of mind that their mission-critical information is protected.

Benefits of using Single Sign-On Two-Factor Authentication:

  • Password vaulting provides an additional layer of security to the convenience of cloud-based SSO.
  • Authentication workflows create a more secure environment for organizations needing additional protection.
  • Customized login ensures that users will need to login with something they know - their password and something they have - their phone or Security Key.

Tool features:

  • Requires users know both their network password and have a mobile device registered to their email account in order to access G Suite.
  • One-time verification codes are generated every 30 seconds. They must be entered for a user to log in.
  • Generates QR codes for easy install on mobile devices.
  • No internet connectivity required for codes to be generated on mobile devices, reducing the chances of an accidental lock-out of the user’s account.
  • Admins can reset two-factor authentication to allow users into their account in the case they are unable to use their mobile device.

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