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Live Webinar: Take G Suite to the Next Level & Unlock Enterprise Innovation

SADA is hosting an interactive webinar to showcase how teams who use G Suite Enterprise are unlocking new ways to generate and share breakthrough ideas, and cultivate a culture of collaboration. Not to mention keeping data secure for that mobile, disparate workforce we’re all moving towards.

Secure Archiving and eDiscovery with Google Vault

Google Vault offers companies the opportunity to do business on-site and on-the-go, while still meeting industry retention and eDiscovery requirements.

Google Vault provides your business with an enterprise-grade archiving solution for email and on-the-record chats. You can have peace of mind when responding to eDiscovery requests whether you are doing business in the comfort of your office or anywhere around the world. Vault leverages Google’s network of geographically distributed data centers to keep your data safe from a single point of failure, such as a natural disaster or equipment failure. Also, since Google Vault is entirely web-based, there is no special software to install or maintain. That means the data you need access to can be quickly reached when you need it most.

This reliable, efficient, cost-effective solution gives your organization the resources it needs to create a sound compliance strategy that will strengthen and secure your company now and in the future.

What is Google Vault?

Google Vault adds archiving, e-discovery, and information governance capabilities to your G Suite experience. Vault retains and archives important conversations by defining retention policies that are automatically applied to your Gmail and on-the-record chats, reducing the risk of spoliation and noncompliance.

Retain, archive, search, and export your organization's on-the-record chat messages and email history. Google Vault gives your business the ability to better manage your email and chat messages from one central location, eliminating the need to duplicate data in a separate archive.

Collaboration is easier as authorized users are able to work with others to define and manage legal matters, quickly accessing business-critical content and sharing information among team members. Google Vault also provides you with the tools to restrict access to unauthorized users in order to keep information private and secure.

Vault is a cost-effective, easy-to-use solution that helps your company manage business information and preserve critical data. The costs of litigation, such as regulatory investigation and compliance actions are greatly reduced, allowing approved users to search through data quickly.

Google Vault Benefits

  • Single archive for email and on-the-record chat, with retention policies applied directly to the data store.
  • Ability to run audit reports on activity and actions in the archive, including searches, message views, exports and more.
  • Easily manage exports and searches. Exporting capabilities allow you to search domain-wide across large volumes of email and transport specific email and chats for additional processing.
  • Legal holds to indefinitely preserve the data in a user’s account in response to legal matters and investigations.
  • Google Vault pricing offers a cost-effective solution to drive your company forward without burning up your resources.

Let SADA Systems Guide Your Organization to the Top

As a long-time partner of Google with an outstanding reputation for quality service, SADA Systems is committed to helping grow your business in the cloud. Using Google Vault, our team works directly with organizations providing guidance, migration, configuration, flexibility and support for your business. It is our mission to equip your team with the best resources to develop and deploy cost-effective, secure, digital solutions that will make your company the top competitor in your industry and in the cloud.

Transformation Success With the Right Partner

With over 20 years of proven expertise in technical consultation and related services, SADA has become the go-to partner for successful business transformation and IT modernization. As a Google Cloud Premier Partner with multiple specializations, SADA has served over 3000 clients and migrated over 25 million users to the cloud.

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Comprehensive assessment to strategize on solutions tailor-made for your unique business needs.

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Expert business and technology consultation to streamline your operations, evaluate your workflows, and develop roadmaps and plans for success.

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Expert project management for smooth migration and transition to cloud solutions.

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Change Management

Accelerate user adoption and ROI with customized training and organizational change management services.

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Award-winning managed services with customer support 24/7/365 from US-based Google-certified technicians.

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Google Anthos: A New Dawn in Cloud Computing

Usher in the new paradigm of cloud computing with Anthos, the world’s first true cloud-agnostic platform for managing applications in today’s multi-cloud world.

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