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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Google Workspace has been transforming the way teams work, collaborate, and achieve success. Organizations around the world have embraced this powerful set of tools to increase productivity, improve collaboration, and enhance their workflows. And they have some incredible stories to tell.

Here, we’ve assembled nine of our favorite Google Workspace success stories from various industries, highlighting how these businesses have empowered their teams with enhanced productivity and collaboration tools, fully integrated into their workflows.

Google Workspace success stories


A leading news and media company that was struggling with outdated technology and legacy systems. With the help of SADA, McClatchy implemented Google Workspace, enabling real-time collaboration across its 30 newsrooms. The result was a significant boost in productivity, more efficient workflows, and a better experience for both employees and customers.

“More students today use Google Workspace, so when they come to work for us after graduation, they don’t need training on the tools. They just start working and collaborating,” said Terry Geiger, Vice President of Technology Operations. “You can’t put a dollar figure on how valuable that is.”

State of Maryland

As part of a statewide initiative to modernize its IT infrastructure, the State of Maryland turned to Google Workspace for its powerful email encryption and collaboration features. The new system enabled seamless communication and collaboration across different agencies and departments, with enhanced security features ensuring sensitive information remains protected.

According to Tracia Sherman, Workspace Platform Manager, Maryland Department of Information Technology, “Cost was also a huge consideration that led Maryland to Google Workspace and SADA. We saved a lot. I know one agency alone, Juvenile Services, saved around $600,000 just in their first year, just that agency.”


The world-renowned entertainment company, Discovery, implemented Google Workspace to enable anywhere, anytime collaboration across its teams. The company’s content creators and producers can now collaborate in real-time, accelerating the production process and enhancing the final product’s quality.

“I credit Google Workspace for our ability to create this open environment that enables-not hinders-our teams to work together to produce outstanding results,” said Dave Duvall, Chief Information Officer at Discovery.

Dave Duvall, Chief Information Officer at Discovery


A public service agency in Nebraska, DotComm, struggled with outdated technology and an inefficient workflow. With Google Workspace, DotComm was able to modernize its IT infrastructure, enabling seamless collaboration and communication between employees, departments, and the public. The new system resulted in significant improvements in productivity and customer satisfaction.

Vijay Badal, Director, Applications & Analytics said, “DOTComm wholeheartedly recommends Google Workspace as the best large-scale solution for collaborative and secure file sharing.” 

Sony Pictures Imageworks

Sony Pictures Imageworks used Google Workspace to power its modern filmmaking process, enabling artists and animators to work together seamlessly. With real-time collaboration tools and powerful storage and sharing features, the studio could create stunning, cinematic magic that wowed audiences worldwide.

Collaboration and culture were the two drivers behind our decision to go with Google Workspace,” said  Mike Ford, SVP of Software Development and Systems Engineering, “We needed a suite of tools that delivered a more consistent communication experience, and better supported our reputation for innovation.”


Kravet, a leading fabric company, struggled to keep up with the demands of remote work and collaboration. Google Workspace enabled the company to connect remote teams, share information and ideas, and collaborate in real-time. The result was a more efficient workflow, improved productivity, and a better experience for both employees and customers.

“In the end, we felt Google Workspace was a better fit for us and our goals,” said Jesse Lazarus, Kravet’s Chief Process and Innovation Officer, “Having a full suite of products that work harmoniously together and offer the same access for everyone throughout our organization were key deciding factors. Initially, we didn’t even realize how big of a role that Google Workspace’s Meet and Chat functionality would play in our daily collaboration. These were features that we weren’t getting from Microsoft so we didn’t know what to expect.”

New Mexico Judiciary

The New Mexico Judiciary needed a way to enhance its productivity and security without sacrificing performance. With Google Workspace, the judiciary was able to modernize its IT infrastructure, enabling seamless communication, collaboration, and access to vital information. The result was a more efficient workflow, enhanced productivity, and improved security for the judiciary and its constituents.

Dick Wilkinson, Chief Technology Officer, said, “The security features alone have made a world of difference-the accountability, the audit capability, the transparency that comes along with being able to share a document and view who’s seen it-to me, that’s worth every penny.”

Privia Health

Privia Health, a leading healthcare company, needed to transition to remote work quickly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the help of SADA and Google Workspace, the company could seamlessly transition to remote work, enabling employees to collaborate, communicate, and work together from anywhere. The result was a smooth transition to remote work and improved productivity and efficiency for the company.

“With how SADA helped us set it up on Google Workspace and their change management services, going virtual with work from home was an easy transition-even for the doctors,” said Chris Voigt, CTO, Privia Health.

Chris Voigt, CTO, Privia Health


SCLHealth, a healthcare technology company, implemented Google Workspace to modernize its patient and provider experiences. The company was able to streamline its workflows, improve communication and collaboration between employees and customers, and enhance its overall performance. The result was improved patient and provider satisfaction, better customer experiences, and a more efficient workflow.

According to Craig Richardville Chief Information & Digital Officer at SCL Health, “The partnership with Google Workspace and SADA makes processes a lot smoother and more intuitive, which means greater productivity and effectiveness across our organization. We’re saving time and creating a stronger future for our patients and our organization.”

These success stories highlight the transformative impact that Google Workspace can have on organizations in any industry. With the next generation of business leaders showing a strong preference for Workspace over Microsoft 365, the time is right for organizations of every size to deeply consider the flexibility and ease of use of their productivity and collaboration tools. By enabling real-time collaboration, seamless communication, and efficient workflows, Google Workspace empowers teams and organizations to achieve their goals and drive outcomes. Ready to transform your business with the productivity and collaboration powerhouse that is Google Workspace? Your dedicated SADA team of change management experts, engineers, and Workspace specialists will work alongside your team to identify your priorities and map out a plan for Google Workspace adoption, including custom training, milestones, and deliverables. Contact us to begin your enterprise transformation today.


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