Announcing the availability of Google corporate videoconferencing solution: Chromebox for meetings!

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog


We’re thrilled to announce Chromebox for meetings will soon be available – an exciting new videoconferencing solution that utilizes Google+ Hangouts and Google Apps with a simple-to-manage Chromebox, for the most simple, fast and high-definition solution for face-to-face meetings (at just a fraction of the cost of traditional videoconferencing solutions)!

In a world where real-time collaboration is more important than ever to work as efficiently as possible, with a workforce oftentimes spread out over various locations and time zones. Chromebox for meetings makes it simple to have the clear, high-definition live discussions your organization needs to get the job done.

A few features include:

  • A lightning-fast Chromebox with a high-def camera, alongside a combined microphone and speaker unit, managed with a remote control from one web-based management console

  • Meetings made fast and simple, without complex dial-in codes or PINs – simply walk into the room

  • Conferences from anywhere, at any time, with up to 15 participants joining from the device of their choice

SADA Systems will offer Chromebox for Meetings as well as support aligned to best manage the device! Pricing starts at just $999, including the Chromebox. In order to learn more about pricing and SADA’s services, please visit the page below.

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