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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

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It’s Spring and the air is getting sweeter, but that’s not all, so are the deals!
One of the hottest trends this year is Google Apps. Understanding that consumers want in, we by no means want to leave them out.
Calling all window shoppers…you can now lease Google Apps.
Why pay $50/year/user when you can pay $4.17/month?
Get a lot of email?… who doesn’t now-a-days…
Need eDiscovery? …you should always have a backup…
Add 10 years of Archiving for $2.75 per month per user…oh how sweet it is…
This financing option is proof that Google Apps is becoming increasingly more main stream than ever and we want to help deliver it to you.
When you sign up we’ll contact you to help you through the sign up process. Minimum purchase is 200 licenses and monthly subscription plan requires credit approval.
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