dotMaps is now Coordinate, with powerful new features to reduce costs and carbon

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

SADA is excited to announce that dotMaps is now Coordinate, with new features including enhanced data aggregation to consolidate data streams, increased ease of use, enabling reductions in customer CO2 emissions, and cost savings for both organizations and taxpayers.

Coordinate is an extremely powerful project coordination tool to better manage the public right-of-way. The Coordinate application reduces the risk of project conflicts by alerting agencies when projects may overlap or be duplicative, saving organizations time and costs. Potential project conflicts are identified, and notifications are generated in real-time, leading to faster resolution for application users.

“With the rebranding and redesign of our Coordinate application, we will deliver an even more simplified way for local municipalities to plan, orchestrate, and execute construction happening in the right-of-way,” said Joe Kosco, Executive Vice President of Sales at SADA. “We are excited to help cities decrease CO2 emissions and cut costs while saving them and their taxpayers millions each year by eliminating redundant repavings across their cities. With features like configurable project coordination, conflict resolution, approval workflows, and integrated communication between agencies and utilities, we can eliminate repeated street cuts and department silos to create a better user experience and flow across organizations.”

Built using Google Maps and Google Cloud Platform, Coordinate expands upon its previous incarnation as the popular dotMaps application, providing a simple, intuitive map editing and creation tool. The result is a high-performance, easy-to-use application that effectively streamlines workflows for better project scheduling and overall resource management. Coordinate is designed to support organizations whose operational success depends on accurate geolocation for ongoing projects, including Departments of Transportation, Public Works, State and Government agencies, utility and gas companies, and commercial organizations.

“A project that was going to cost $200,000 only cost $100,000, so there are more funds to expand the network or otherwise improve infrastructure. That’s good for everyone,” said Heather Marx, Director of Downtown Mobility for the Seattle Department of Transportation. “Coordinate has proven to be an invaluable tool for Seattle residents and visitors as well as for the city itself.”

New Features:

  • Workflow Builder enables organizations to create their own custom unique workflows in the system around project and utility coordination. 
  • Service Requests through the Coordinate Public Portal allows citizens to submit requests for work orders, special event permits and problems existing in the Right of Way (ROW) 
  • Front-End Configuration of System Level attributes and Agency Permissions enables organizations to update and adjust attributes and schema items without the need of coding. Administrators within organizations can update and tailor specific schemas at their discretion. 
  • Added Support for Reporting and Analytics allows for a better understanding of data so organizations can make better decisions and increase their return on investment.

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Reduction in CO2 emissions by limiting redundant re-pavings 
  • Reduced risk of overlapping projects and duplicated efforts, saving organizations time and money
  • Reliable backup with a 99.9% up-time guarantee powered by the same infrastructure as
  • Consolidated data for a centralized hub of information that increases productivity with quick accessibility across multiple organizations and departments
  • Improved inter and intra-agency collaboration with real-time communication and sharing of project information
  • Increase citizen satisfaction with faster projection completion and disaster recovery, from road repairs to new construction
  • Improved ROW management, project coordination, conflict resolution, private utility coordination, public transparency, notifications for public around projects, events, construction, and permits 

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