Exciting News For Google Vault Users: SADA Releases Large Attachment Migration Tool for Google Vault!

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog


Many organizations need a cloud-based solution that gives them the ability to quickly and easily store, keep, search and export email for e-Discovery and compliance needs. Google Vault, a Google Apps add-on, is an effective solution for these organizations. Does your organization use Google Vault? And do you often work with large attachments? If so, we have some great news for you!

The SADA team has developed an exciting new solution that adds even more value and functionality to Google Vault: the Large Attachment Migration Tool to Google Vault.


By default, Google Vault doesn’t accept attachments larger than 25 MB. With the LAM Tool to Google Vault, organizations ranging from enterprise to government can overcome Google Vault’s attachment size limitation, while still being able to securely allow administrators to manage legal archives with large attachments. The Large Attachment Migration Tool is particularly useful for organizations making the transition from Postini to Google Vault, and is hosted in Google App Engine, making the solution 100% cloud-based!

The Large Attachment Migration Tool to Google Vault enables organization to seamlessly migrate large email attachments into a private, discoverable, cloud-based archive. It also features built-in retention limits that enable you to keep data as needed or archive files no longer in use.

Benefits of the LAM Tool include:

  • Eliminates cost associated with local storage

  • Allows organizations to maintain a comprehensive archive without the exclusion of any data

  • Uses a default retention period that allows for parity with Google Vault’s same setting

  • Facilitates efficiency in eDiscovery, information governance and compliance activities

If you’re interested in learning more about the LAM tool, please email googlesales@sadadev.wpengine.com or visit our website!

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