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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

The lack of a witty title for this article speaks to shear practicality of the topic at hand. Google’s recent step forward to level the playing field within applications with regards to saving your work.
There is nothing witty about the feature itself. This simple brilliance has become a simple expectation that we can save our work when we want, it automatically saves if we don’t, and it saves us from saving our work by subtly notifying us that is currently being saved.

Did you follow?


Google is taking this saving functionality with its new ‘saved’ – ‘saving’ – ‘save’ buttons and sharing it. So the convenient and at times life saving feature currently available in Google Docs and Google Presentations is now expected to make its debut in Google Sheets.

Hats off to Google for leveling the playing field among its applications. We love the comfort of the save feature and we now love that we will soon be able to use it in Google Sheets and other applications too.
Can’t wait to see the next feature they roll out with.

This saving feature is coming soon to a Google Sheet near you.


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