Google Cloud Platform Takes a Giant Leap Forward; SADA Systems Becomes Official Reseller

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By Simon Margolis | Associate CTO, AI & ML


Today’s guest blogger is Simon Margolis, Senior Cloud Platform Engineer at SADA Systems

SADA Systems is honored to announce that we are now an officially certified Google Cloud Platform Reseller. With a more than a decade of experience and a proven track record of success in building on Google Cloud Platform, we are thrilled about this new opportunity to better serve our customers and provide organizations with the ability to leverage the benefits of cloud computing in order to create profitability and next generation growth.

As a Google Cloud Platform Reseller, SADA Systems is formally certified by Google to guide organizations through the evaluation, planning, optimization, and implementation of Google Cloud Platform. As a trusted advisor, the breadth and depth of SADA Systems’ consultation and implementation process covers the entire process of moving to Google Cloud Platform.

Consulting. SADA Systems’ consulting process includes pre-development application planning and transition from on-premise, other clouds, or other applications to Google. We also provide infrastructure optimization to help discover how to run apps and infrastructure most efficiently, and take advantage of our extensive knowledge of Google solutions to take full advantage of other Google features, products, and services. We stay up-to-date with the latest technologies, and can recommend new solutions to enable your business run better, faster, and cheaper.

Migration. SADA Systems is fully qualified to perform a complete application or infrastructure migration to Google Cloud Platform. Including datacenters and custom tailored workflows, we can not only ensure that your transition to the cloud is as seamless as possible, but we can do the heavy lifting for you.

Development. Opportunities for custom development in Google Cloud Platform are constantly expanding. We can help you turn new ideas and concepts for application and infrastructure development on Google Cloud Platform into reality.

Google Cloud Platform Live

SADA Systems was privileged to attend Google Cloud Platform Live earlier this week where Google announced several radical cloud technologies that will place them even further ahead of the curve with regards to innovation and paradigm-shifting opportunities. These advances, along with Google Cloud Platform’s current strengths, make it clear why Google has earned the “Visionary” position in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service. “The cloud of today is not yet where developers need it to be,” stated Google in a recent blog post. Here are just some of the revolutionary solutions Google announced at Cloud Platform Live:

  • Google Container Engine: Instead of managing application components running on individual virtual machines, portable Docker containers can be launched into a managed compute cluster. This is a great example of Google’s investment in the Kubernetes program and how it can pay off for users.

  • Managed VMs in App Engine: Provides all the benefits of App Engine in a flexible VM environment, automatically configuring and provisioning supporting services required to build applications and letting you focus on application code and supporting libraries.

  • Google Cloud Interconnect: Enables Cloud Platform customers to connect their network to Google through a service provider, your business network, or Google’s VPN service.

  • Firebase: Google’s acquisition of Firebase means that the Firebase team will be able to continue offering their amazing services at Google scale. The team will continue adding features to their real-time database engine, allowing for otherwise unattainable collaborative features. Their unique approach to “Database-as-a-Service” should prove irreplaceable for application developers.

  • Google Cloud Debugger: Google is reverting, in a sense, to debugging as it was prior to the age of virtual machines and distributed clusters. With the new Cloud debugger, a developer will no longer need to go through the cycle of logging, staring at code, and re-deploying an app. Rather an application stack can be evaluated in real time without any code modification, allowing bugs to be quickly identified and patched.

  • Google Compute Engine Autoscaler: This new solution uses the same technology that Google uses to handle huge spikes in load, allowing developers to dynamically resize VMs in response to utilization.

These new solutions are opportunities for developers to further realize the potential and promise of cloud computing. Thanks to SADA Systems’ longstanding partnership with Google, we have been heavily involved in the implementation of Google’s latest innovations regarding Google Cloud Platform and are thrilled to be able to provide organizations with the knowledge and guidance necessary to take advantage of these exciting new updates. We feel that Google’s commitment to innovation, as demonstrated with these announcements, matches our belief that technology can empower people to transform their world.

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