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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog


Last Tuesday Google revealed a series of exciting new updates to its Google Cloud platform offerings, including pricing updates and expanded capabilities, revealed during Google Cloud Platform Live. Google Cloud Platform includes Compute Engine, App Engine, Cloud Storage and BigQuery, a set of solutions that can be leveraged by developers to build, test and deploy applications using Google’s infrastructure.

Google Cloud Platform Live was a conference announcing Google’s vision for their cloud services and products. Google also revealed major product updates, summarized below:

  • Simplified, reduced pricing by up to 30-85% for on-demand services
    Following the principle of Moore’s Law, Google announces the following price cuts:

    • Compute Engine reduced by 32%

    • App Engine – pricing tiers are simplified, with cost cuts across database operations and front-end compute instances

    • Cloud Storage consistently priced at 2.6 cents per GB, a reduction of 68% for most dead customers

    • BigQuery has prices reduced by 85%

  • Sustained-use discounts for steady-state workloads
    Google announces discounts that begin automatically when customers use a VM for over 25% of the month – an additional 30% is added when that same VM is used for the entire month, all without upfront payments, lock-ins or need to predict future use.

  • The following enhanced features for developers:

    • Build, test and release in the cloud with minimal setup and changes to your workflow

    • Aggregated logos across all instances, with filtering and search tools

    • Detailed stack traces for bugs

  • App Engine will automatically manage VMs with Managed VMs

  • Expanded Compute Engine operating system support

  • Real-time big data with BigQuery Streaming

SADA is part of the Google Cloud Platform Partner Program as a Services Partner, and has helped our clients integrate Cloud Platform solutions into other Google Enterprise solutions as well as developed standalone solutions to improve workflows.

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