Google Sets User Account Limit on Standard Edition

SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Google has announced that starting today Google Apps Standard Edition will support a maximum of 50 users for new customers.

This limit will not affect current Standard Edition account holders, nor will it impact non-profit or educational users.

Google Apps Standard Edition is the no-charge version of Google Apps.  While it supports many of the same features as Google’s Premier Version for business clients, it has a number of limitations by comparison including far lower data and email storage size and no access to Google’s rich set of Application Program Interfaces (APIs) which allow for the customization and integration many clients need.

In addition to offering Google Apps deployment, integration and customization services for it’s clients, SADA Systems, Inc. is now an official Google Apps Reseller.  By purchasing Google Apps Premier Edition accounts through SADA clients engage with one of the most experienced Google Apps Enterprise Partners in the world.  For more information on our reseller program please click here.


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