Have you heard of Google Coordinate?

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Google Coordinate provides an easy to use, easy to implement tool for managing and dispatching your mobile workforce in real time, whether your business uses messengers, delivery personnel or service providers.  Using Google Coordinate with your team’s Android or iOS mobile phones you can create a more efficient way to delegate and communicate on the job. As an administrator, you can see the status of jobs, assign the nearest team member, and add custom Points of Interest. Meanwhile, your team can share their live location, check-in to tasks, and enter collected data or notes while in the field directly into the app, eliminating the need for burdensome paper forms.
Google Coordinate makes sure your workers have all the necessary resources at their fingertips, and gives you better tools to manage their workflow. All this, plotted with the accuracy and reliability of Google Maps.

Google Coordinate is ready out-of-the-box, without the need for costly setup. Need something a little more tailored? Through the Coordinate API, full customization is available, too.

Check out a short promotional video of Google Coordinate here.
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