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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

SADA is now switching to McAfee’s managed solution for total protection – and when they say “total” they really mean it. No other solution provides this type of holistic protection in a way that gives global management and reporting capabilities. AND, since the Advanced version gives you content/spam filtering driven by none other than the infamous zero-footprint / zero-software Postini engine – that’s really the icing on the cake that puts this solution over the top, and makes it superior to all others.

CHECK out what you get:

McAfee Total Protection for Small Business
Centralized Management and Reporting (this is Hugely important)
Desktop and File Server Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware
Desktop Firewall
Email service Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus (with Advanced)
Email Server Anti-Virus (With Advanced

Check out the Features:

  • Automatic protection-Always up-to-date e-mail protection improves e-mail availability and assures business continuity 24/7.
  • Highly effective spam filtering-Quarantines inbound and outbound e-mails for spam, inappropriate content and harmful viruses before messages enter your network.
  • Inbound content/attachment filtering-Simple to configure and enforce global inbound e-mail policy for all e-mail users.
  • Compatible-No matter what e-mail platform you use, Exchange, Outlook, Lotus Notes or something else, Secure Messaging Service protects your e-mail.
  • Simplified SecurityCenter for 24/7 management-The McAfee SecurityCenter, the centralized management console, makes it easy to configure black and white lists, view quarantine and reporting around the clock.
  • Managed By McAfee-Leverage our 15 years of expertise to protect your business.
  • Affordable-With no hardware or software to buy our hosted service helps to increase employee productivity while lowering your total cost of e-mail security.
  • Easy to try/deploy – 30 Days Free-Simply redirecting your e-mail through the McAfee service protects you immediately.
  • Premium technical support-To keep your business running, Secure Messaging Service includes 24/7 Gold Technical Support for inquiries by e-mail and phone.

McAfee Demonstrates that they really understand the managed services, software as a service model for service delivery.

Pricing Structure:

Pricing will start at about $5.50 per PC, per month for as few as 5 PC’s per client, and will go down from there. This system can easily support up to 500 or more PC’s per Customer.

Centralized Management – all Web-Based:

You don’t have to run a web server (or any server) to get centralized management, you get McAfee to do it for you. Check out the great GUI:

This package is a true winner, and as of yesterday, is THE standard security suite for all of SADA’s managed customers. SADA will release this service to the mass market in the next few weeks.


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