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SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Google joins other IT solutions and services providers working to improve email security and management capabilities for an increasingly mobile and global workforce. The other day, Google announced the integration of new security and management features into Gmail, for integrated Postini+Google Apps (requiring Postini GMS). Google Apps administrators can now:

    • Gain access to improved email compliance footers, to better address compliance requirements
    • Gain access to approved/blocked sender lists and file attachment policies, effectively managing email traffic
    • Manage features locally in the Google apps control panel, to take advantage of customizable settings for different types of users, including the ability to join multiple rules together to handle specialized cases

Addressing and improving these security issues benefits companies that must regularly address compliance requirements, while streamlining communication and improving efficiency. Google also noted that with the integration of these new features, Google Message Security (GMS), is no longer necessary. For customers currently using GMA, Google provides assistance for the migration. To read more, visit the Official Google Enterprise Blog.



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