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Technology is a culture of continuous improvement and it is imperative to implement solutions that ensure easy collaboration, satisfy compliance requirements, and prevent any “oops” situations. Thankfully, there are many features available within Google Apps for Business that allow organizations to remain safe and secure, so that putting an insurance policy into effect is a simple, precautionary measure. Below are some recent updates to best-practice solutions that SADA Systems helps organizations implement as measures of e-discovery and backup.

Vault for Drive

Google understands that not every organization out there requires Vault for compliance reasons. Google Vault is an outstanding solution to archive requirements in Google Apps that supports the eDiscovery needs of an organization, and compliance requirements in regulated industries.

Vault for Drive was one of many major updates that Google announced at their I/O conference in June. Previously, Vault only covered basic Gmail and chat, but is now expanding to include all Drive content. This update provides a much broader reach over all business processes.

Customers will now be able to:

  • Search anywhere in Drive for specific user files (Docs, Slides, Sheets, etc. as well as other stored files like DOCX, PDF, and JPEG)
  • Use Vault to preview search results ensuring customers get exactly what they need
  • Manage, duplicate, or export search results to save for future use

Furthermore, this update comes at no additional cost to the organizations using Vault, but simply will be integrated into Drive in order to archive additional business information needed for compliance purposes.

Restore Deleted Files in Google Drive

Google, in order to further strengthen Google Apps’ capabilities as an security, archival, and discovery email solution is building many features into Google Apps. Recently, Admins were given a way to restore a user’s deleted Google Drive files, even if those files had been emptied from the trash. However, this isn’t a restore-all for deleted files; you can select a date range of up to 25 days ago to restore files. This feature gives more control to business owners to help ensure that an important recent file isn’t permanently lost.

Backup Solutions

Google Apps for Business can be used as an exceptional solution for collaboration – but what if a user does accidentally delete a document and realize months later, they need to access that information?

Backupify is a solution that allows for secure, automatic daily backups, and has partnered with Google Apps as the first company to provide full cloud-to-cloud coverage of a user’s entire Google Apps Suite. Vault and Backupify serve as a powerful solution run in combination, if desired. While Vault is a tactical solution to address legal or compliance requirements, Backupify offers further peace of mind by ensuring that a secure copy of of all critical business data is accessible and up-to-date.

SADA Systems, as a certified Backupify reseller, is participating in a current promotion in which a company purchasing an annual contract can receive two months free, or 10 months for the price of the full 12 month license.

To learn more about archival and backup solutions or for more details on Google Apps, Vault, or Backupify, visit our website or contact [email protected].

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