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Jack Personal Trainer

Advertising is great, but nothing speaks more to a company’s ability to deliver than the words of it’s clients.Jack Witt is a personal fitness trainer and consultant based here in our hometown of North Hollywood. Jack’s goal was to increase the size of his business; reaching out for more clients and new business opportunities.

Jack engaged SADA Systems, Inc. to redesign his website at The redesign project also including adding e-commerce options to Jack’s site and engineering it around search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and techniques. Jack’s site was developed by SADA Senior Designer Eric J. Seaton, a veteran designer who has worked on numerous site redesign and SEO projects for SADA.

“I recently had a new client join for my personal fitness training services. She wasn’t referred, didn’t know me from any of my business networking organizations, nor see a flyer of mine anywhere around town. She lives in North Hollywood and Googled “North Hollywood Personal Trainer” and my website came right up. She really liked what she saw and “felt” from the site and immediately hired me and pre-paid 40 sessions in advance. Through that one transaction, my initial website expenses paid off. Thanks SADA!”SADA develops cutting-edge technology tools for business that meet a marketing and/or operations need and add directly to the bottom line whether it’s cost savings, additional business or even tools that can generate revenue themselves (ask us!).

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