SADA and CompuTech for Humanity Send Computers to Louisiana

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SADA Systems and CompuTech for Humanity Support Louisiana Recovery Efforts

North Hollywood, August 29th, 2006 – Tony Safoian, CEO of SADA Systems, Inc. announced today that SADA and CompuTech for Humanity would donate computers to assist with recovery efforts in Louisiana. CompuTech for Humanity, a partner of SADA Systems, will take the 20 or so donated computers, printers, and other equipment to be delivered by the Friends and Helpers Foundation.

CompuTech for Humanity is a charitable organization dedicated to providing computer technology access to low-income disabled persons, and low-income families. Computers are provided to needy individuals, families, and organizations free of charge. SADA Systems will be collaborating with CompuTech for Humanity to send 10 personal computers to Louisiana. The donated systems will be used in Louisiana schools as part of the state’s recovery efforts. Visit the CompuTech for Humanity website ( for information about their work, and how you can support their mission.

Computers will be delivered through the Friends and Helpers Foundation, a California-based non-profit working with Care Unlimited in Louisiana. Their goal is to help 12 schools in the school district. As part of this initiative, the Friends and Helpers Foundation will deliver computers donated by SADA Systems and CompuTech for Humanity. Visit their website,, for more information about the Friends and Helpers Foundation and how you can help.

The announcement from SADA Systems comes on the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina making landfall in the Gulf Region. “We believe it is important to step to the aid of others in whatever way you can,” says Safoian. With the assistance of SADA Systems, CompuTech for Humanity, and the Friends and Helpers Foundation schools closed by Hurricane Katrina will be one step closer to opening their doors.

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NOTE: We are especially proud of this collaborative effort because it’s usually economically impossible to donate computers to such a far-away place, since shipping costs are so high. But because Friend and Helpers is sending an entire Truck, and they had room for the computers, we saw this as an excellent opportunity to help their schools rebuild!


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