SADA Announces New Offering: Stackdriver Consultation and Deployment

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By Simon Margolis | Associate CTO, AI & ML


Today's guest blogger is Simon Margolis, Cloud Platform Lead at SADA Systems

Stackdriver-SADA-SystemsLast May Google welcomed Stackdriver to the Google family -- a powerful service solution providing full-stack, cloud-native monitoring for infrastructure, systems, and apps. Stackdriver’s unique value lies in its ability to monitor and support your entire stack through one central console, streamlining operations and improving uptime with advanced analytics and alerting tools. Built on the conclusion that traditional IT monitoring solutions are insufficient for supporting cloud-based applications, the Stackdriver team worked hard to essentially combine a wide variety of standalone monitoring products in order to construct a comprehensive, next-generation solution fully capable of monitoring cloud environments.

Stackdriver-SADA-SystemsStackdriver previously supported only Rackspace and Amazon Web Services (AWS), and has now expanded it’s monitoring-as-a-service solution to integrate with Google Cloud Platform.

SADA Systems, as a Google Cloud Premier Partner, is pleased to announce Stackdriver consultation and deployment services for both Google Cloud Platform and AWS.

Stackdriver’s goal is to provide the most technologically advanced, intelligently engineered tools to optimize and improve your cloud environment -- SADA’s vision is to provide a comprehensive, expert analysis of your entire infrastructure, systems, and apps in order to customize and integrate those tools to achieve the highest possible results. Our team of certified engineers and developers, with decades of experience implementing a wide variety of cloud solutions for a broad range of industries including enterprise, education, and government organizations, are highly qualified to both analyze your environment and customize Stackdriver tools to best meet your individual business needs.

To kick off this new service, SADA Systems is currently offering a $500 credit off your Google Cloud Platform usage with the purchase of Stackdriver consultation and deployment.

Click below to learn more about Stackdriver and to gain access to a free, no obligation 14-day Stackdriver trial.

Free 14-Day Stackdriver Trial


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