SADA Brings Google Apps to Wireless Pioneer LCC International

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

As one of the first 10 Google Apps for Enterprise partners worldwide, and an initial contributor to the Google Apps Open Source provisioning toolkit, SADA Systems, Inc. has developed a proven track record in the implementation of Google Apps solutions. SADA works with a diverse client base to create custom, leading-edge solutions that strategically meet client business objectives.
A pioneer in the wireless industry since 1983, LCC International has performed technical services for the largest wireless operators in North and South America, Europe, The Middle East, Africa and Asia. LCC has participated in the success of some of the largest and most sophisticated wireless systems in the world, having worked with all major access technologies, including UMTS, EV-DO, HSDPA, and WiMAX.

LCC needed to deploy Google Apps for all of their employees. This included offices both inside and outside the U.S. The total number of users who would be moved over to Google Apps was over 1,100, with most of those employees using various mobile devices. To achieve a successful Google Apps Implementation would require:

    • SADA deploying dual delivery during the transition period to guarantee email delivery to both MS Exchange 2003 and Google Apps for all users.
    • SADA and LCC migrating email data from LCC International’s existing, on-premise MS Exchange 2003 system. This included a 250 GB mail store shared by all LCC employees.
    • User provisioning and synchronization of all employee accounts and credentials that were managed through Microsoft Active Directory.
    • Preservation of existing LCC distribution lists.
    • Either before or after migration, SADA and LCC would also have to address the subject of training an entrenched workforce including techs who had become accustomed to working with the existing Exchange-based email solution.

SADA worked closely with LCC to develop a strategy for meeting the goals of the implementation. To meet the needs of LCC’s users, SADA worked closely with their IT department to implement Google Apps. Solutions deployed at LCC include:

    • Email migration and contact sharing in between Google Apps and the identity management system in place at LCC.
    • Set up the Gmail list tool to maintain distribution lists managed by LCC.
    • Deployed Enhanced Dual Delivery to maintain messages sent to both accounts (Exchange and Gmail) during the transition period.
    • Conducted extensive online training via webinars for employees on five continents.
    • Transitioned LCC International’s 1,100 employees to Google Apps from their previous MS Exchange-based system.

With SADA’s assistance, extensive collaboration with the LCC sponsor and champion, and the implementation of best-of-breed utilities for the deployment of Google Apps, LCC International was able to smoothly and effectively implement Google Apps for their managers and employees. This implementation of Google Apps allowed LCC International to decommission their existing Microsoft Exchange email system, while continuing to provide their users with email and collaboration services. As a result of the implementation of Google Apps, the client has experienced an increase in productivity from their field-based workers.
“Shortly after we started looking at Google Apps, LCC was introduced to SADA by Google, who noted they had been working closely with SADA since the initial launch of Google Apps,” commented John Buckholz, LCC’s VP of Information Technology. “The success of LCC’s implementation was largely due to SADA’s expertise with the Google Apps platform combined with their experience…successfully migrating other large Google customers. We completed the project on time and within budget, with no major surprises along the way. After the implementation, SADA continued to support LCCI’s IT team until we were comfortable with the technical and administrative aspects of the new platform.”


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