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SADA Systems recently participated in Hack for LA 2014, the largest civic hackathon in Southern California, and took home third place for our app: Call a Coach! This event called together government agencies, businesses, developers, designers and more to address the complex problems we face locally by hosting a series of workshops on technology innovation as well as an application development contest.

To present at the Hackathon, all teams had to pre-register to be considered by the judging panel, including providing a description of their project as well as appropriate visuals. The judges then selected the top 20 teams to present. SADA Systems entered into the Hackathon using a combination of Google App Engine, Google+, Google Enterprise Search and Google Maps for Business to create Call a Coach.

Call a Coach is an application that enables the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks to certify and manage volunteer coaches across all Los Angeles communities, while providing mapping information on the proximity of coaches and rating-based coaching inventory in real-time. Utilizing a list of recreation centers from and a database of coaches, visually displayed on a Google Maps interface, users can easily visualize the coaches closest to them based on proxmity, sport, grade and/or skill level.

Call a Coach includes sports coaching of all kinds, as well as music instructors, academic tutors, and more - Call a Coach is also optimized for mobile device or web access, making it ideal for users on the go. Call a Coach leverages Google+ for a feedback mechanism, allowing parents and players to rate their experience with the coach at the end of each season or session. Feedback is designed to allow coaches to improve season-to-season and to ensure that youths have the best coaching/mentor experience throughout their years of participating in LA Parks and Recreation activities.  And to ensure security and safety, Call a Coach enables real time validation and administration of coaches background checks (Lifescan).

To learn more about Call a Coach, or donate to the project, visit their website. To learn more about SADA Systems app dev services, visit our website!

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