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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Startups take grit, endurance, ingenuity, and resourcefulness to get off the ground. At the very early stages of any entrepreneur’s journey, every little bit helps. That’s why SADA is proud to announce the SADA Startup Incubator, an empowering new program to get bootstrapped startups launched and successfully scaling on Google Cloud. 

Primarily focused on startups that have yet to be backed by the Venture Capital community, SADA Startup Incubator provides emerging companies $10,000 in GCP usage credits, technical enablement offerings, and marketing exposure to support growth and innovation in the cloud.

Miles Ward, SADA CTO, is looking forward to seeing this unique program grow. “There is no better time to launch a new venture than right now,” says Ward, “The barrier of entry has come so far down, there are so many supports and tools to reduce the friction to getting your vision to market. We respect the drive, passion, and appetite for risk that a bootstrapped startupper shows. We know how hard it is; SADA was once a bootstrapped startup. We want to support the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs, and there’s no better way to help launch new visions than with SADA and Google Cloud.”

The initial cohort of SADA Startup Incubator companies has been announced and were showcased during SADA IMPACT, the cloud transformation summit held recently in Los Angeles. At IMPACT, startup founders got access to exclusive sessions and networking opportunities with others who are forging innovative new paths in the cloud. Making those early connections makes all the difference, and we were thrilled to see program members get the chance to introduce their unique solutions to key decision makers and cloud leaders.

Startups in any cloud-powered industry are invited to apply for the program. The first round ofSADA Startup Incubator members include: 

  • Cangurhu, innovative cloud-supported food delivery kitchen to kitchen
  • Sent Trade, a social media sentiment platform for stocks and crypto currencies 
  • Fletch, cloud security answer engine 
  • Kickback Space, a 3D virtual meeting experience

In addition to GCP credits and technical enablement, Startup Incubator members get the benefit of developing their solutions in a community empowered by SADA, a multiple-time Google Cloud Partner of the Year. 

Says Ward, “We love hearing about bold bets on the cloud from any industry, especially early on. If you’re a founder with a wild idea and the passion to make it happen, be sure to sign up for SADA’s Startup Incubator. We can’t wait to help you chart your path.”
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