SADA Systems Releases Two-Factor Authentication for SADA Cloud Single Sign-On (SSO) for Google Apps

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog


The SADA team is excited to announce the release of a new solution to help organizations with more stringent security requirements gain the benefits of cloud-based Single Sign-On (SSO) for Google Apps with additional security measures: Two Factor Authentication for SADA Cloud SSO!

Two Factor Authentication provides an additional layer of security for SSO services for Google Apps – with SADA Cloud SSO, users can log into their respective Google Apps account with the same credentials in the organization’s LDAP or Active Directory. Built on Google App Engine, SADA Cloud SSO gives users a seamless experience signing into Google Apps. However, organizations with strict security standards, may require additional measures to ensure mobile worker account access is even more secure.

Two Factor Authentication addresses this need by requiring that users both know their password and have a mobile device registered to their email account in order to access their email.  Operating alongside device passwords, analysis of user behavior and awareness of physical security, Two-Factor Authentication gives organizations a secure environment for all workers. One-time passwords are generated every 30 seconds that must be entered for user to log in – the tool also generates a QR code for simple installation on mobile devices. An internet connection isn’t required for codes to be generated on mobile devices, reducing the chances of an accidental lock-out of the user’s account. In the case a user is mistakenly locked out of their account, admins can reset the two-step verification process.

Two Factor Authentication that includes a mobile device has become the new enterprise standard – it allows organizations with strict security requirements to develop a mobile strategy with confidence, granting employees in the field or on the go the flexibility of a 100% cloud based Single Sign-On solution for Google Apps. To learn more about Two Factor Authentication for SADA Cloud SSO, please visit the page below, or email [email protected]. To learn more about SADA Cloud SSO, please visit our SADA Cloud SSO page.

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