From Silicon Valley to Silicon Beach – How Tech Companies’ Adoption of G Suite Makes Them Attractive to Top Tech Talent

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

So many companies sink their budget on vendors and third-party products with the hopes of turning themselves into a well-oiled, ROI-driven machines. Yet, what they don’t realize is that the solutions they integrate affect into their ability to recruit; candidates who use the tools your company provides makes you more attractive to them, decreases their time to productivity, and ultimately drives growth.

Check out how leveraging Google’s G Suite productivity tools makes it easier to recruit new employees, generate a stronger talent pipeline, and helps you achieve business goals.

Workers want what they’re familiar with

A recent study found that 55% of millennials prefer G Suite, and have been using Google products in some capacity since they were introduced to it in school through Google Classroom. As a result, they’ll need very little onboarding and training, if any, in order to learn these apps. This leads to them being more productive, quicker, and a shorter time until they reach their full potential.

One important factor to note is that 68% of G Suite-enabled organizations rolled their apps out all at once, while 62% of companies who used a competitor did so as part of a hybrid approach. The latter could be problematic, as workers tend to want end-to-end connectivity with their apps. When this becomes the case, workflows become more efficient and companies will see a higher ROI.

G Suite empowers a mobile workforce

The best talent doesn’t always live within driving distance of the office. They may not even live in the same hemisphere. But that shouldn’t stop you from attracting them. G Suite’s tools bring employees from all over the globe into the same virtual room. Live video chat and document editing tools enable unparallelled real-time collaboration, even if every employee is in a different time zone. Additional tools ensure that all files and discussions remain secure, while administrators can establish company-wide permission settings for additional protection. To contrast, companies who use multiple vendors suffer from productivity issues, such as not having the latest software upgrade or tools that simply aren’t compatible with each others.

This level of collaboration and the recognition that the workforce is truly global is the reason why companies with G Suite see a 304% ROI.

Employees value efficiency, Google delivers it

When companies value efficiency, the results are clear: employees are happier, creative, and more productive, and it even shows on the bottom line. Among companies in Forbes’ 100 Best Companies to Work For, ones that placed a high premium on efficiency saw their stock prices rise 14%, while the general marketplace only saw a 6% growth rate. So how can you create a more well-run company that candidates find attractive?

A good first step is to store your files in the cloud, not on employees’ hard drives or locally on servers. Employees misplace files all the time and often send the wrong ones as email attachments. Servers are clunky and susceptible to outages (which grinds productivity to a halt). As a contrast, Google Drive’s file storage capabilities mean that all employees have access to the most recent version of files, all the time. Nothing gets lost in emails, and employees can choose who sees which file. It can also be accessed via personal devices; this is critical, as 61% of workers feel that companies who don’t deploy enterprise apps are operating at a competitive disadvantage.

Combine that number with this one: 58% of Google administrators plan to cut mainstream competitors’ cloud services and use a higher percentage of Google apps. Candidates will see that your company values efficiency, making them more likely to see themselves growing their careers with you.

Many employees already use G Suite products, so companies who follow suit and leverage that during recruiting will have an advantage in attracting top talent. Tools like Hangouts, Chat, and Plus enable real-time collaboration and document editing. With Vault and Drive, file storage is made safe and secure, and eliminates the “I never got that file” problem that plagues offices.

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