The ROI of Google Anthos: Forrester Research Report

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

In the race to deliver the best customer experiences, companies must build and modernize applications faster and more efficiently than ever before. Enterprises need consistent ways to develop, secure, and manage apps at scale across their growing hybrid cloud environments, but management of these environments is incredibly challenging and complex. 

Google Cloud addresses these challenges with Anthos, an application modernization platform for hybrid cloud environments that offers a packaged and integrated set of cloud-native tools and services, based on leading open-source technologies. Anthos simplifies and accelerates app modernization both on-prem and in public clouds. 

Google commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a New Technology Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential ROI enterprises may realize by deploying Anthos. In the report, Forrester shares insights from customer interviews on how Anthos leads to economic gain for enterprises. 

Download the report to learn how Google Cloud enabled customers to experience:

  • 5x ROI
  • 55% increase in platform operations efficiency
  • 13x improvement on time to market

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