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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Editor’s note: Today’s guest blogger is Michael Higby, Senior Business Development Manager and Google Apps Certified Sales Specialist at SADA Systems. Get the chance to hear him discuss Google Apps live in our upcoming webinar, Google Apps for Business Collaboration, Tuesday, June 18th at 11 AM  (PT).

“Collaboration is working with each other to do a task. It is a recursive  process where two or more people or organizations work together to realize shared goals, this is more than the intersection of common goals seen in cooperative ventures, but a deep, collective, determination to reach an identical objective.” – Wikipedia

In an incredibly competitive space with an ever faster growing pace of work, organizations are recognizing human talent as their number one raw material. Increasingly, as that talent is dispersed amongst multiple work locations or a remote workforce, effective team collaboration becomes more of a challenge.

With that in mind, many organizations are turning to cloud based communication and collaboration tools such as Google Apps. Some of the requirements enterprise has around such tools include:

    • Ability to work together in real time

    • Working together without regard to distance

    • Connecting teams to work together across multiple organizations and group

Take the case of D-Link, the  global leader in providing network connectivity solutions to small and medium businesses. With more than 90 global offices across North America, Asia, and Europe, time zones, location and schedules present a huge challenge to teams working together solving problems. As a result, D-Link moved to Google Apps and found a robust set of tools that met their needs. Teams can meet and converse spontaneously using Google Hangouts, a video chat service built into Google+. Workgroups can create content simultaneously in Google Docs, seeing changes in real time with full version control. Michael Walsh, D-Link Chief Information Officer says, “Google Apps has fundamentally changed how we communicate. Once people collaborate online to edit a document at the same time, they never want to go back to the old way of edit and email changes around. To look your staff in the eye on a daily basis, no matter where they live, creates a real sense of belonging for those remote employees. People want to be social even at work and Google Apps collaboration enables that.”

SADA Systems will be hosting an informative live webinar on Tuesday, June 18th at 11:00 a.m. PDT, Google Apps for Business Collaboration. We will discuss some of the ways Google Apps has transformed the workflows of our enterprise clients, from Gmail to Drive, featuring one of our Certified Google Apps Trainers. We’ll be diving into some of the functionalities offered within each solution, and going into how our clients have used these features in their day to day operations.
A live Q&A will follow the webinar. Space is limited – please register now to attend!
All attendees will be entered into a giveaway for a Nexus 7!


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