Fountain Life future-proofs infrastructure for rapid growth of proactive healthcare services


Fountain Life future-proofs infrastructure for rapid growth of proactive healthcare services

What if we could use cutting-edge technology to collect data and gain insights into the human body to find serious health problems, such as cancer, cardiomyopathy, metabolic imbalances, or neurodegenerative disease early–before they affect our lifespan and quality of life?

Enter Fountain Life, a preventative health and longevity company dedicated to addressing these issues. Their mission is to change healthcare from reactive to proactive. Fountain Life’s Apex annual membership is the first of its kind, offering access to early detection technology, advanced treatment plans, and concierge medical and educational services that optimize health and performance at each stage of life.

Since their founding in 2019, Fountain Life has quickly and successfully built a system that provides customers and physicians with a consistent view of a patient’s health.

Business challenge

Fountain Life is committed to filling a gap in healthcare by creating a data-driven and holistic approach to wellness. “For years it has been said that Domino’s could track a pizza better than doctors could track a patient through healthcare, and it’s often been true,” says Dr. Mike Gillam, Chief Digital Officer at Fountain Life. “Based on our experience and understanding of big, scalable systems that can ingest and process petabytes of data, we built Fountain Life’s Journey Engine and our infrastructure on top of Google Cloud to meet that challenge.”

Fountain Life’s Journey Engine is coupled with a real-time database so doctors can view synchronized patient data across different edge points, such as iOS and Android apps or web applications. 

The company needed to prepare for anticipated surges in downloads and activity on its mobile app and services. Fountain Life was rolling out its launch of biotech bars, a live concierge platform with a white-labeled virtual storefront for partners around the world. In addition, the book release of Life Force, co-written by Fountain Life co-founders Tony Robbins, Dr. Peter Diamandis, and Dr. Robert Hariri, exploring how breakthroughs in precision medicine are transforming the quality of life, was fast approaching.

“To address increasing demand and plans to take our company global, we wanted to know what we didn’t know,” says Hans Luther, Chief Software Development Engineer at Fountain Life. “We needed to test our systems to determine when and where they become overstressed, then make tactical changes to ensure we could meet our planned operations.”


Fountain Life’s Journey Engine is coupled with a real-time database so doctors can view synchronized patient data across different edge points, such as iOS and Android apps or web applications. This system is containerized in Google Cloud’s managed compute platform, Cloud Run, and Pub/Sub orchestrates the infrastructure. The front-end registration and authentication operate on Firebase, Google Cloud’s mobile and web app development platform. Additional Google Cloud solutions incorporated into Fountain Life solutions include App Engine, BigQuery, SQL Server, and Storage.  

Google Cloud’s infrastructure is naturally built to scale, but we wanted a team of SADA’s experts to come in and help us go through all of the various layers we had built to make sure that there was nothing we were missing and that our infrastructure was going to work and scale the way we had expected.

Dr. Mike Gillam | Chief Digital Officer at Fountain Life

SADA, a multiple-time Google Cloud Sales Partner of the Year, was hired to review the existing architecture and implementation of Fountain Life’s applications within Google Cloud, provide recommendations, and help to remediate any findings to increase performance, stability, and scalability of the platform.


Over a 90-day project timeline, SADA evaluated Fountain Life’s existing Google Cloud environment and set up extensive infrastructure testing modules. Application-specific recommendations and administrative cloud service changes were implemented to improve performance and ensure scalability for future growth. 

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. One of the big things SADA helped us with was creating service-level objectives so we can measure and improve performance for each of our services.

Hans Luther | Chief Software Development Engineer at Fountain Life

After SADA’s evaluation, the sustained user capacity on Fountain Life’s Google Cloud-based systems improved by fifty times. It went from twenty user signups per minute at the beginning of the engagement to a point where the system could scale to enable registration of nearly one-thousand users per minute by the end of the engagement. At the same time, system response time improved dramatically, decreasing 87% from around thirty seconds to under four seconds. “It’s also worth noting that there was a dependency on an external vendor API that Fountain Life and the SADA team had no control over, which had a rate limit and added about 1.5 seconds per request,” says Luther.

In addition, SADA is providing help to Fountain Life to better understand the regulatory and data requirements for storing healthcare information in a variety of countries on Fountain Life’s expansion list. Overall, SADA helped Fountain Life:

  • Evaluate their Google Cloud environment and application-specific implementation
  • Provide support for increased load testing
  • Remediate deficiencies that could lead to decreased stability and scalability
  • Write their infrastructure as code in Terraform (and move off a prior proprietary solution)

“We are benefitting from dozens of Google Cloud’s microservices that seamlessly interact,” says Gillam. “Compared to a different cloud provider I have worked with at a previous company, the cost differential using Google Cloud is substantial. For example, the data warehouse costs at another cloud provider can be exorbitant–even if no queries are run. On the other hand, with BigQuery on Google Cloud, the first terabyte of query data processed per month is free.”

By collaborating with SADA and Google Cloud, Fountain Life has built an impressive infrastructure and is prepared for their next phase of growth while transforming healthcare around the world.


INDUSTRY Healthcare & Life Sciences

INCREASED Sustained user capacity ~50X

DECREASED Response time 87%

I loved working with SADA. I thought it was remarkable how quick and hands-on the SADA team was. From day one, it was like ‘I’m here. Let’s go!’ They were not about bureaucracy and checking boxes but focused on getting stuff done.

— Hans Luther | Chief Software Development Engineer at Fountain Life

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