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Through SADA’s SaaS Alliance Program, Quantum Metric was able to scale their go-to-market motion to drive their ISV business forward and reach more customers.



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Go-to-market scale


500M+ unique user sessions/month

The pandemic has changed consumer behavior forever. Grandparents who used to walk down the block to their neighborhood branch are now banking online. Parents that stopped at the supermarket on their commute from work are ordering groceries from their home office. Teenagers who would’ve gone to the mall to find the newest fashions now shop on social media networks. What do all these consumers have in common? They all depend on their digital e-commerce experience going smoothly. However, sometimes it isn’t so smooth. Sometimes that “add to cart” button just doesn’t work–even if you click it five times.

“When e-commerce was 10% of a company’s sales, the executives didn’t worry about it that much,” said Mario Ciabarra, CEO and Founder of Quantum Metric. “Now, however, online sales could make up 90% of company revenue, and they know there could be a thousand things going wrong with their website or mobile app, but they don’t know that one problem that is absolutely killing sales.” 

To address this need, Quantum Metric created its Continuous Product Design (CPD) platform that helps brands become more customer-centric, with the speed and scale needed for digital. The platform automatically captures real-time signals about how customers interact with company websites and native apps. This includes everything from behavioral data like clicks to technical data such as API errors to even business data like funnel completion. These signals are then quantified so companies know which issues are having the most impact on the business. In turn, teams can align on what matters to customers as well as what’s having the greatest impact on ROI.

“The ability to directly connect the customers’ improved digital experiences to bottom-line ROI is part of the reason Quantum Metric has achieved such impressive customer retention, including customers such as Williams Sonoma, Western Union, Lululemon, and Alaska Airlines,” said Ciabarra.

Business challenge

Every month, Quantum Metric processes hundreds of millions of unique user sessions, petabytes (PB) of network traffic, nearly a PB of cloud storage and tens of PB of data analysis. With this much data coming in constantly, the startup soon ran into scalability and performance issues. 

In addition, as an independent software vendor (ISV), Quantum Metric needed a partner to support their infrastructure. Quantum Metric also wanted that partner to help with go-to-market activities so that they could reach more customers and scale.

“To achieve our 100% growth target year over year, Quantum Metric needed to scale up from a technology and a partnership perspective,” said Pierre Zibi, Cloud Partner Manager at Quantum Metric. 


While reviewing leading cloud platforms, Quantum Metric knew they needed scalability and performance for their CPD solution. Quantum Metric received a recommendation to look at Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for these capabilities. With GCP, Quantum Metric would be able to use BigQuery to conduct scalable analysis over petabytes of data and process all of their CPD user sessions with Google Compute Engine. Cloud Operations suite would let them track CPD with monitoring, logging, and diagnostics.

“Quantum Metric selected Google Cloud because it provided the necessary scale and performance like no other cloud, and BigQuery is a big part of that,” said David Nazworth, Director of Alliance Solutions at Quantum Metric. “BigQuery can handle petabyte-scale queries across massive datasets with impressively low latency.” 

Additionally, Quantum Metric selected SADA, a Google Cloud Premier Partner and three-time Google Cloud Partner of the Year, as their partner to help get the most value out of their cloud journey, including recommending new solutions such as CCAI for the future.

“The SADA team is well versed in Google Cloud and provides us with the technical services and resources that we couldn’t find anywhere else. It made sense to leverage SADA’s account management and engineering resources for solutions we wanted to develop on GCP.”

Pierre Zibi | Cloud Partner Manager at Quantum Metric

Through SADA’s SaaS Alliance Program, Quantum Metric was able to scale their go-to-market motion to drive their ISV business forward and reach more customers. “The compelling reason that we chose SADA was based on our ISV partnership,” said Nazworth. “Obviously, you need that go-to-market partnership if you’re looking to scale and grow. We knew that SADA was an award-winning Google Cloud Partner, year after year and that gave us the confidence we needed to partner with them.” 


Since moving onto GCP with SADA, the results for Quantum Metric have been impressive. Every month, the company now processes more than 1 billion unique user sessions (22% of all worldwide internet users), 15 PB of network traffic, 6 PB of cloud storage, and 150-plus PB of data analysis. 

“Quantum Metric’s business took off when we started working with Google Cloud and SADA because we were able to get the scale and performance that we needed,” said Zibi. “Those advantages pass through to our customers and they’re able to see the benefits of not having to wait for their data. Now they can do more sophisticated things when pulling our data into their own BigQuery instance.”

With BigQuery, Google Compute Engine, and other GCP functionality, Quantum Metric can support hundreds of thousands of browsers while analyzing billions of customer actions.

“Our customers can now use our tool without worrying about what’s happening in the background with the massive number of queries going into BigQuery,” said Nazworth. “The Quantum Metric user doesn’t experience any delay or downtime with GCP and BigQuery.”

Given the close partnership between SADA and Google Cloud, Quantum Metric has seen more success penetrating retail and financial services accounts. “With SADA’s tight alignment with Google Cloud, Quantum Metric has been able to uncover new opportunities, especially across the consumer product and banking-related sectors,” said Zibi. “We’ve been impressed with how closely SADA’s go-to-market and partner alliance teams work with Google Cloud. It’s truly like working with an extension of Google Cloud.”

With the addition of a dedicated SADA inside sales representative (ISR), Quantum Metric gets exposed to more accounts than they could source alone. “Not only have we decided to become a SADA customer, but we’re also one of the first partners to be included in SADA’s SaaS Alliance Program, working together to identify new opportunities for our field teams through our dedicated ISR,” said Nazworth.

“Quantum Metric highly prizes the SADA SaaS Alliance Program and sees SADA’s salesforce function as a value-added co-selling motion with Google Cloud, with whom we’ve already sourced 103 opportunities and counting.”

David Nazworth | Director of Alliance Solutions at Quantum Metric

In summary, SADA and Google Cloud provided Quantum Metric with: 

  • Petabyte-scale-capable queries across massive datasets without latency
  • 100+ PB data analysis volume on BigQuery every month 
  • 103+ opportunities sourced by Google Cloud, with support from SADA’s dedicated ISR

SADA’s SaaS Alliance Program is an industry-leading initiative aimed at helping independent software vendors (ISVs) and SaaS organizations scale their businesses faster and maximize the value of their partnership with Google Cloud. The SaaS Alliance Program guides software companies to drive innovation, enhance their product offerings, accelerate customer acquisition, and amplify their marketing efforts. As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, SADA has formed powerful and impactful partnerships with ISVs by filling the increasing demand for go-to-market support and expertise. Learn more about SADA’s SaaS Alliance Program.

It’s important to find partners that can support Quantum Metric’s accelerated growth, given the increasing importance of delivering digital products with greater impact, speed, and confidence. As such, we’ve made a five-year commitment to Google Cloud through SADA, given their technical expertise and the strong relationship SADA has established with the Google Cloud team.

— Mario Ciabarra | CEO and Founder of Quantum Metric

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